Harold Ford, Jr: I am gearing up for NY Senate race

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Great news!! A DLC Democrat running for the NYS Senate seat! And why shouldn’t he? Because Axelrasputin doesn’t want him to? Frak that noise. the WH should mind it’s own business and concentrate on JOBS. Let NYS handle NYS politics. Calling all the family and friends back in NY and telling them to roll out the welcome mat for Harold….let’s give Chuckie Cheese some one he has to compete with for face time, we know how he loves that, lol….

To quote Scott Brown: IT’S THE PEOPLE’S SEAT.


It’s true: I am strongly considering running for the United States Senate.

I do so because our best as a nation has always come when we test our ideas and ourselves, and when we trust competition to refine the steel of our convictions and the truth of our arguments.

Some have already questioned whether I should be running.

Others are falsifying my record in public life.

New Yorkers deserve a free election.

New Yorkers expect a politics where politicians do what’s right based on independent judgment, free of political bosses trying to dictate.

And New Yorkers want an honest and serious debate about how to grow our economy, create new jobs downstate and upstate and keep New York state and our country safe.

…In my three years here, I’ve learned that New York does not go along to get along. New York does not follow. New York is where the nation learned to lead, build and grow.

In the spirit of the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who once held this Senate seat, I hope we all will welcome a debate about who’s best to work for New York….

Go read the whole thing!!!


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