He told us he’d be back: Lionsgate bids $15m for Terminator franchise…

Great news for T fans (and we TSCC fans too)… breathe life back into this franchise.

Variety has it:

Lionsgate has stepped up as the leading bidder for the rights to the “Terminator” franchise with an offer of $15 million and a 5% cut of future gross receipts.Bid was disclosed Wednesday in a federal bankruptcy court filing by Halcyon Group, which put the franchise up for sale in September. With Lionsgate as the “stalking horse” bidder, any other company that wants to bid would have to top its offer by at least $500,000. Other bidders would have until Feb. 4 to submit their offers.

The auction for the “Terminator” assets — which include the rights to future “Terminator” pics, TV series, DVDs and merchandise — will be held four days later, on Feb. 8, at the offices of FTI Consulting in Los Angeles.

Filing also disclosed that bids at the auction must be in increments of at least $1 million.

If it’s not the winningbidder, Lionsgate will receive $750,000 as a breakup fee. Filing didn’t disclose whether any other bids have been submitted….

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RealtyTrac: More Foreclosure Trouble Ahead

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Courtesy of WSJ:

The foreclosure crisis is far from over, according to RealtyTrac’s Rick Sharga. The company will release its year-end report on Thursday showing foreclosures rose 20% over the previous year. He talks with Dawn Wotapka about some trouble spots and the outlook for 2010.

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Update: Big Dawg sends out aid request for Haiti: Hillary cancels rest of her Asia trip, flies back to D.C. to work on assisting Haiti…

Update: Big Dawg is sending for help on all fronts, he is doing an excellent live radio phone interview with Greta now, will get it up. Blogging the interview:  He says the next 10 days are crucial. We need four things, food, water, shelter, first aid supplies. Best thing to give is money even 5.00, his UN office has website for haiti earthquake, text haiti20222 and it will transfer $10.00. That money is IMMEDIATELY moved to buy basic medical supplies, clean water, provisions to put people up at night and care for wounded until we can put this together.

Most important is to get people out from rubble. Russia is sending helicopters, China is sending in their earthquake team, American people can help , for 3-4 more days we can find people alive under this rubble but we need to be able to treat them when we pull them out:

Clinton Foundation


Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti who are recovering from a devastating earthquake. Buildings have collapsed, thousands of people are missing, and many are presumed homeless.

My UN office and the rest of the UN system are monitoring the situation. While we don’t yet know the full impact of this 7.0-magnitude earthquake, we do know that the survivors need immediate help.

There’s a way you can help Haiti recover and rebuild right now.

Click here to make a donation and find information on other organizations providing emergency relief efforts.

Approximately 2 million people live in the capital of Haiti and the surrounding areas where the disaster struck.

What we do in these first 48 hours determines how many lives we can save. Together, we can help communities get back on their feet.

I have long been committed to helping Haiti “build back better” from the 2008 hurricanes and prepare for future disasters. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, now needs our assistance more than ever.

Help provide immediate relief and long-term support to earthquake survivors by making a donation today:


Thank you for joining me in praying for the people of Haiti and bringing hope to the survivors. Working together, we can help them build back stronger and better.

Bill Clinton
UN Special Envoy for Haiti

P.S. For missing family, please call the State Department hotline at 1-888-407-4747. To submit or request situation or survivor information, visit http://haiti.ushahidi.com/.

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The Clinton Foundation seeks to address some of the world’s more pressing challenges — such as HIV/AIDS, global climate change, and extreme poverty — through collaborative and systematic effort.

William J. Clinton Foundation • 55 West 125th St. •  New York, NY 10027

Hillary and the Big Dawg ( as UN Special Envoy to Haiti) are working to assist Haiti while Lamestream Media and Al Sharpton work on tearing them down…


A gut-wrenching moment from Hillary Clinton about the Haiti horror at her presser today, per the State Department transcript:

It is Biblical, the tragedy that continues to haunt Haiti and the Haitian people. It is so tragic. They had the four hurricanes last year. We had a good plan. We were just feeling positive about how we could implement that plan. It was U.S., U.N., international. We had donors lined up. We had private businesses beginning to make investments.

There was so much hope about Haiti’s future, hope that had not been present for years. And along comes Mother Nature and just flattens it.


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CONFIRMED! Unions throw middle class under the bus! CALL YOUR CRITTERS! : A-HA! WH/Congress Dems reach tentative deal to exempt labor from excise tax on health insurance benefits…

1/15 WSJ confirms that the Dems have cut a deal for 12% of the middle class and left the other 88% of us to pay the excise tax. No no no. They are dividing the Middle Class against itself. Nice job labor. Right to work states should what? Die younger? No I don’t think so.


Democratic negotiators acceded to union demands for a scaled-back tax on high-end health-insurance plans, exempting union contracts from the tax until 2018, five years beyond the start date for other workers.

The deal helped Democrats clear a key hurdle, but the reduced tax added to the pressure to find new revenue to pay for their health bill, which is designed to give coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans. Negotiators were considering increasing the financial hit on drug makers, nursing homes and medical-device makers, according to people familiar with the discussions….

I knew it! J’ACCUSE!!! Those frakkers! If they think this will fly and they can exempt 12% of the middle class (labor) from the excise tax and leave the other 88% of us twisting they are barking up the wrong tree…

Jane Hamsher has it at FDL:

You could see this one coming down Sepulveda, ever since the Senate started doing carve-outs for individual unions to exempt them from the excise tax:

Unions tentatively struck a deal Tuesday to exempt collectively bargained healthcare plans from a tax on high-cost plans expected to be used to help raise revenue for the healthcare overhaul….

Oh, and they also, tossed the employer mandate. “The better to stick you with high deductible, low quality plans on which to tax you my dear”, said the Wolf from Aetna….

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Rasmussen: Sheriff Joe is strongest GOP candidate for AZ Governor, beats Dem 51-39…

Well I am all for him.  The Justice Department is all over the Sheriff like a cheap suit on a single complaint, one, making a Federal Case out of it, literally. Apparently they don’t want law enforcement to LOOK for illegal immigrants anywhere, not at work sites, not in Latino neighborhoods. No word on where exactly they Do think the MCSO should be looking. I think we all get the idea, they don’t want us enforcing that particular set of laws. That worked so well in California. They revoked our MCSO 287G ICE enforcement authority so the Sheriff is operating under our state law, which we the people voted on. Arizonans are aware we need someone to enforce our state laws over the objections of the Federales, and that is evident in this polling. See our previous posts on Sheriff Joe Arpaio here. Go Joe!


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the Republicans’ best shot at holding onto the Arizona governorship in 2010 against likely Democratic candidate Terry Goddard.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Arizona voters finds Arpaio, famed for his crackdowns on illegal immigrants, leading Goddard, the state’s current attorney general, by 12 points – 51% to 39%. Seven percent (7%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

Embattled incumbent Republican Jan Brewer, who stepped up to the governorship from secretary of state when Janet Napolitano became secretary of Homeland Security, trails Goddard by nine points – 44% to 35%. In that match-up, nine percent (9%) like another candidate. Twelve percent (12%) are not sure whom they’ll vote for.

Another possible GOP candidate, State Treasurer Dean Martin, is in a virtual tie with Goddard. The Democrat beats Martin 40% to 38%, with 11% opting for some other candidate and another 11% undecided.

Of the four, Brewer is the only announced candidate so far.

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After the Fall: Obama approval ratings continue to tank…

The late, great Jeff Healey, God Bless him:

Gallup tries to focus on an improving view of terrorism policy, but all the news is bad and how good can the view be when Quinnipiac says Americans feel ‘less safe’ (see Q linky below), if the Cabal of Dunces we call the Dem leadership is still CLINGING, *bitterly*, to the idea that once HCR is done the approval numbers will change, this number on the economy should wake them up:

Not that any of us want the crxpulent health care ‘reform’ bill they are pushing like last season’s rejects from tv pilot season:

Ed at HA has the latest from Quinnipiac

…”By a 47 – 40 percent margin, independent voters rate Obama’s first year in office as mainly a failure;…Obama’s job approval is only slightly lower than his 46 – 43 percent rating in Quinnipiac University’s December 23 survey. But it continues a gradual but consistent downward move that began last summer when his approval rating was 59 – 31 percent positive June 4.”

Yes, it’s that same consistent downward move that Rasmussen also detected in the summertime among likely voters.  In fact, it’s that same consistent downward move that every pollster seems to have detected now, even ones that used skewed samples like CBS/New York Times….

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Kabuki on the Hill: Bank CEOs testify to ‘Financial Crisis Commission’ 9:00am EST

Update 3: 12:13pm: Angelides asking Blankfein what his responsibility was to the investor on those loans they securitized and sold, Blankfein is claiming they were sophisticated investors who sought that exposure. Basically, they deserved it? I dunno. Angelidies got an Agatha Christie analogy in, I always love those. He said maybe it is like Murder on the Orient Express and everyone did it, but still, how much responsibility is yours ….was your due diligence adequate? Blankfein trying to wiggle around it….good luck Lloyd…under oath, liability lawyers hanging on their chairs now….Phil says GS was doing more, they were also facilitating the market in which the products existed, Lloyd agrees to that extent they made that market…

Update 2: 10:07am: Phil Angelides questioning of Lloyd Blankfein was great. Lloyd keeps saying as a ;market-maker’ it is perfectly fine for GS to sell MBS derivatives to clients while simultaneously closing GS OWN position in those assets due to risk..Phil doesnt buy it.

BILL THOMAS! Vice Chair of the Commission just offered the American people his email if they want to submit a question to any of these CEOS!! Well I do!

billthomas@fcic.gov or some derivative thereof…send in your questions!

I really liked Moynihan’s opening statement, he is grateful to the American people, Blankfein needs to eat some of the humble pie Brian had before he arrived. (FD-MiM are BofA shareholders and are keenly interested in how Brian does today, his first big appearance since taking reins as BofA CEO)

Update 1: 9:07 am EST: WOW!! They put them under oath!! first time I have seen these bank CEOs be put under oath (except Ken Lewis on the BofA Merrill witchtrials)

CNBC should carry a livestream of the testimony here when it begins later today NOW LIVE (9:00 am EST, just began opening statements)


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YourGeekNews: “Daybreakers” Review – What $20m SHOULD look like

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courtesy of Matt and Nat at YourGeekNews:

When young filmmakers with $20 million dollars decide to take on the vampire AND the science fiction genres at the same time, you really shouldn’t expect much. Which is why Daybreakers blew us away. Well conceived, imaginative, original and above all well done, this kind of film would have cost millions more if Hollywood decided to do something similar, and probably wouldn’t have turned out to be nearly as enjoyable!~Matt + Nat

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