Rep. Carol Shea Porter channels her inner 80s girl group (she has a meeting in the ladies room to reform health care….)

Oh boy. Girl. woman, nitwit.

Now if she had said, if the Dems had gone straight to Hillary, this would never have happened,( like the Woody Woodpecker cartoon), then I would agree. Not b/c Hill is a woman of course, but b/c Hill got burned, badly, with HCR, and would have recognized JOBS were job ONE!

h/t redstate

PS: Rep. Shea-Porter has two potential Republican opponents: Frank Guinta and Bob Bestani.


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  1. Herb Moyer replied:

    How is this the middle ? Wouldn’t the middle care a bit more about accuracy, instead of bogus attributions ? If you will listen CAREFULLY to the video, the Republican women made the suggestion that women legistators, because of their caregiver roles, would probably have the healthcare problem resolved by now.I tend to agree. But then, as males, we have an alibi for our competitive, uncooperative behavior, don’t we ?


    • ginaswo replied:

      an alibi? lol. you are overthinking !! a LOT!! I wanted to play Klymaax and have a laugh.

      pfft. but this IS shea porter who was arrested at a Bush appearance a few years ago yes? ms tea bagger ignoring us yes? suddenly she is in touch with her female side after endorsing O over H yes? it is ridiculous, shows the desperation IMO

      but thanks for the comment! have a nice day1!


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