Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead: Plouffe called back to WH, says Obama must ‘fight like hell’, pass the hated health care bill and ‘pass politically difficult measures’ aka cutting Social Security, raising taxes….

And they’re off! It’s like the charge of the stupid brigade. As we have been predicting time immemorial, here come the SS cuts and tax increases. Obama is ready to focus like a laser, lol, on the deficit, BWAAAAHAA *cough cough*, and David ‘every fundraising email I send is an attack on Hillary or Sarah’ Plouffe has been called back to the fold to bravely lead Obama to the correct path for electoral victory…

So where does David suggest we begin? By ramming through the DESPISED health care bill of course! Followed by passing ‘politically difficult measures’, can you say ‘cutting Gen Xs Social Security’ and raising taxes?, cuz I can!’

David Plouffe in the WaPo:

…We still have much to do before November, and time is running short. Every race has unique characteristics, but there are a few general things that Democrats can do to strengthen our hand.

Pass a meaningful health insurance reform package without delay. Americans’ health and our nation’s long-term fiscal health depend on it. I know that the short-term politics are bad….

…That’s why Democrats must create a strong foundation for long-term growth by addressing health care, energy and education reform.

(MiM-Yeah b/c it’s not like every single speech of Obama’s has focused on health care, education or energy before now right? oh yeah)

…We must also show real leadership by passing some politically difficult measures to help stabilize the economy in the short term. Voters are always smarter than they are given credit for. We need to make our case on the economy and jobs — and yes, we can remind voters where Republican policies led us — and if we do, without apology and with force, it will have impact….

Great without apology and with force, this is just who Obama needs now! Someone to tell him DAMN THE TORPEDOES AND FULL SPEED AHEAD!! Passing ‘politically difficult measures’ gee wonder what that could mean…

Make sure voters understand what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act did for the economy

See there is that patronizing BS again, we just don’t UNDERSTAND how WONDERFUL the 700 billion dollar boondoggle was! So the UE rate is still climbing and at 10% really is a sign of the success of the stimulus! It is apparently just a matter of enlightenment waiting to happen if they find just the right words, or tone in delivery of another greatest speech evah…Satori awaits us America! they just need a good Zen Koan….

Don’t accept any lectures on spending…(MiM- OMG cannot even begin to fisk this one)..We have potent talking points on health care, honest budgeting and cuts in previously sacrosanct programs.

Yeah David! Talk up how your guy tried to GUT 500 BILLION from Medicare, a previously SACROSANCT program, that’ll really turn the voters back to you! See he thinks it is GOOD, they are gonna double down and gut SS Im a tellin ya!

Plouffe also makes it really clear it is time to gin up the machine and get a few million more from ‘donors’ like DooDadPro and organize those ‘first time’voters, y’uh -huh..ACORN/SEIU/Soros they are calling you-uuuuuuu

…Our campaigns can leave no stone unturned, from believing in the power of grass-roots volunteers and voter registration, to using technology and data innovatively, to raising money –– especially with big corporate interests now freed up to dump hundreds of millions of dollars to elect those who will do their bidding. Democratic candidates must do everything well. Each one must make sure that the first-time voters from 2008 living in your state or district — more than 15 million nationwide — are in their sights. Build a relationship with those voters, organize them and educate them. On Nov. 3, many races are sure to be decided by just a few thousand if not a few hundred votes. These voters can make the difference. …

Yeah those ‘voters’ certainly made a difference in those Dem caucuses fer shure.

His next message is don’t let those millions of pixxed off Americans screaming STOP! get in the way:

…Instead of fearing what may happen, let’s prove that we have more than just the brains to govern — that we have the guts to govern. Let’s fight like hell…

So this is what we have to look forward to, a return to the hate mongering, astroturfing of comments, op ed letters, ACORN and their band of merry fraudsters roaming looking for those elusive ‘few hundred first time voters’ that Plouffe KNOWS can make a difference, doubling down on policies the American people clearly DO NOT WANT, ignoring us some more and being TOUGH and going after previously ‘sacrosanct programs’, fabulous.

And they are already laying the groundwork. Elsewhere we have Obama calling for a meaningful ‘deficit reduction commission’ aka tax raising Social Security cutting panel to cover the out of control special interest spendulus boondoggle hit to the deficit:

…(Obama) called on Congress to pass a bill creating a fiscal commission amid reports that he will likely create an executive commission if Congress does not act.  Obama issued a statement calling for Republicans and Democrats to join the effort, even though Republicans have already voiced their opposition to the plan.

…Last week, Gregg said the proposal did not have the votes, but senior Democratic leaders and the White House reached a deal this week to create a bipartisan commission by executive order.

Obama’s statement appears a last chance bid to urge Congress to pass their own commission. The effort is aimed at confronting the country’s burgeoning debt, which is now at $12.3 trillion.
Conrad and Gregg both favor a congressional commission but Conrad views the executive commission as the next best option. Gregg and other Republicans have split with Conrad over the executive commission, saying it would lack the authority to force Congress to vote on its recommendations.

Not content with pixxing off Americans by going after their Medicare and health care, Obama is taking aim at Social Security now. And Joe S is worried the Tea Parties are done? HA!

With Plouffe’s agenda I feel more confident than evah that we will have an epic backlash at the polls come November. What is scary is Plouffe was able to pull a lot of this shxt in 08  b/c it was a Democratic closed, lol, candidate selection process and we had no legal recourse against the shenanigans per the SCOTUS.

But now they are going to try to expand it nationally in national elections (MAC was such a weak candidate with no fired up base they didn’t need it in the GE) and the people are already mad as hell. Not a good mix. Plouffe IMO does not understand what he is unleashing, ginning up the Obot hate now will IMO have disastrous consequences going forward. Actually I am sure he understands it, he just doesn’t care, they think the end justifies the means. The GOP must be smiling like loons after reading Plouffe’s op-ed.

I highly recommend that precinct captains etc on BOTH sides of the aisle act NOW to try and ensure some sort of legitimacy at the polls. Volunteer to be a poll watcher or worker, try to close your primaries to the other party and for Gawds sake eliminate caucuses if you have them for candidate selection as they are practically designed for the Alinsky tehniques and ACORN SEIU bus invasions…..

Gen X Gird Thyself, we are the smallest generation and we are always the target for their SS Commissions, I think we are expected to work to age 82 as it stands right now to fully collect our SS…when they come after increasing our payroll taxes there will be hell to pay at the polls…

I suggest Obama and Plouffe try listening to that august political analyst, uh shock jock Howard Stern, even Howard got the message:

Clip courtesy of sharpelbowsstlouis

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