Spanish – GOP SOTU response

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R – FL) delivers the State of the Union Republican Response in Spanish.

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SOTU: The Drinking Game

Update: I thought Obama lacked anything Americans could hang their hat on as helping promote job growth or showing he got the message from Massachusetts, VA, NJ and the polling. I think he pandered to the House like crazy in an attempt to get them to pass the crxpulent Senate HCR bill….McDonnell was IMO excellent in his response.

This was no poll bumping reset like the Big Dawg used to do, this was an attempt to separate himself from ‘Washington’ and try to keep the change OUTSIDER agent mantle a year into a top down command control Presidency.  I do not think it will be successful, just words doesn’t work for long in an economy like this when they spent trillions and shoved it in our face. And pundits calling us too stupid to understand how great the stimulus results really are will not change the coming electoral tsunami.


Please drink responsibly 🙂


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Update: Lynch (D-MA) unloads on Geithner; Market Mover Wednesday: Geithner, Paulson AIG testimony on the Hill…

Gee Lynch in Massachusetts seems a little edgy wonder why?!

CNBC will carry the hearings on livestream here (10:00am EST) . WSJ covers the emails here. Lots of previous posts on the AIG bailout. FD-We are former employees/shareholders…


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