Fearnet: LOST Cast Interviews, Season Premiere tonight 8/7 C

Final Season premiere is Tonight 🙂 Im a little nervous b/c Lindeloff and crew did an interview where they sounded like they thought the finale of BSG Part II of which sucked!!) did a good job and that the BIG MYSTERIES did NOT all have to be ‘solved’ that is was the ’emotional’ crxp with the characters that counted.

Uhm, no guys not really. Not at ALL. If you dont explain in a meaningful way why a polar bear is on that island, and the comic book stuff, and the kid with the visions, all of it, expect fans to be rightfully pixxed!

I still cannot watch BSG anymore (DVDs) because it was SUCH UTTER CRAP that they didnt explain how the hell Starbuck came back IN A SHIP..there was PLENTY of room for explanations, old Cylon base with old tech, anything, God, science, whatever, not, she just vanishes! WHAT A COP OUT! TRUE fantasy and scifi EXPLAINS at the end Hollywood, get with the drill.


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Groundhog Day: Phil says 6 more weeks of winter…

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, bundle up

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