Friday Market Mover: January Jobs Report

UPDATE: 8:30am EST: Here it comes….-20,000 January, rate is 9.7%..mustve lost more peeps looking for work, a LOT more…..revisions up 5000..where is benchmark… it is annual benchmark-real headline-8.4 million jobs lost since start of recession, prev number was 7.2 million, added 1.63 million in December, UE rate declined due to benchmark? Santelli also looking for how the hell the rate dropped, we are all looking for how many peeps dropped out of the labor market….look at revisions, dec revised to down 150k from down 85k….

Jobs Report releases in 22 minutes (8:30am EST)…

Forecasts are all over the place from a gain of 40,000 from Barberra to a loss of a few thousand from Zandi….the big benchmark revision should move the needle…


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