Whiskey on ice: Shackleton’s Antarctic 100 year old Mackinlay Scotch whiskey recovered

Video Update:

Ooooh they are going to try and recover the recipe, kewl..


…Tucked in the shadows and frozen to the ground are two cases of Scotch whisky left behind 100 years ago by Sir Ernest Shackleton after a failed attempt at the South Pole.

Conservators discovered the wooden cases in January 2006. They were unable to dislodge the crates, but are going in with special tools in January during the Antarctic summer to try to retrieve them. An international treaty dictates that the crates, and any intact bottles that are inside, remain in Antarctica unless they need to be taken off the continent for conservation reasons. The whisky’s condition after a century of freezing and thawing is unknown….

…Paterson said he’d expect that when bottled, the whisky was heavy and peaty, which was the style in that era. He’d like to sample it by sticking a needle through the cork and extracting some of the liquid with a syringe. If the bottles stayed airtight — a big if since the corks may have shifted as they were expanding and contracting with the changes in temperature — the whisky would likely taste much as it did in Shackleton’s day, Paterson said….”It’s been laying there lonely and neglected,” he said. “Can it not come back to Scotland where it was born?”

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