Support Adam (Kinzinger) for U.S. Congress in Illinois!

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Donate here to retire Debbie Halvorsen from this seat and send Adam Kinzinger to D.C. See the bio at the link for his governance experience, here is some of his ongoing military service to the country:

…In 2003, Adam joined the United States Air Force. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in November 2003 and was awarded his pilot’s wings in 2005. Captain Kinzinger now serves as a pilot with the Air Force Special Ops and Air National Guard. 

Captain Kinzinger has been recognized for his efforts both in an out of uniform. In 2007, he received the United States Air Force Airman’s Medal for saving the life of a young woman who was violently attacked. Despite the likelihood that he too would be stabbed, Adam wrestled the knife away from the attacker and pinned him to the ground until the police arrived. He was also awarded the National Guard’s Valley Forge Cross for Heroism and was selected as the Southeastern Wisconsin American Red Cross Hero of the Year.

Adam Kinzinger understands the value of American freedom and is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of his district and country both in uniform and elected office. He has the skills and drive to rise above the political noise, bring government back to the people and to create a lasting positive impact for the people of the 11th Congressional District.

From his acceptance speech last week upon winning the GOP primary:

…I especially want to thank my family, my girlfriend Megan, who I might add returned from a mission’s trip to Haiti just 30 minutes before the earthquake struck. I’d like to thank my staff for their long hours going above and beyond a simple paycheck. They invested their lives into this mission and for them I am very grateful. I want to say thank you to all my dedicated volunteers who made my cause their own over this past year.

Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Halvorson believe government intervention is an answer to our problems. I trust the American people, small business owners and entrepreneurs to get this economy moving again, and put our hard working folks back to work. The Pelosi/Halvorson team believes we can spend our way out of our problems. I understand we must be fiscally responsible, not only for our time but for generations to come.   I believe that terrorists should be treated as terrorists and not granted the privilege of a trial in our great nation.I can assure you tonight my first vote will be to END Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as speaker.

However, all that aside, the biggest distinction between Congresswoman Halvorson and I – above all else – is her first vote will be to make Nancy Pelosi speaker… and

We need a representative that understands that when they vote, they vote not for themselves or their political power, not for Nancy Pelosi, not for special interest, but for the people that they represent. To do that, you must make yourself available to the public and address their concerns.

Congresswoman Halvorson spent her first year in office towing the line of the Pelosi agenda. She voted for the failed stimulus bill, caved under party pressure and voted for job killing cap and trade legislation, refused to hear from her constituents on health care before voting for a government takeover and continues to support an agenda that is putting the American people under a mountain of debt for generations to come….

…We need a representative who will effectively advocate for economic growth policies such as low marginal tax rates and capital gains taxes, will advocate for free trade agreements, and support spending restraints to begin to ease the burden our children are sure to bear. But most importantly, we need a representative who is responsive to the needs of the people.  I will be that Congressman!

Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of Americans who in many cases, are struggling just to put food on the table. The lives of Americans who wonder when mom or dad will be going back to work. The lives of Americans who wonder if they will be struck with a major illness since they don’t have health insurance. The lives of Americans, who often wonder if their son or daughter, brother or sister, or mom and dad will return safely from a foreign battlefield. We can make a difference in a system run crazy with corruption, arrogance, and special interest. But I need your help.

Throughout history, America and her people have had a few opportunities to wake up and take their nation back. As we saw in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and now in Illinois, this is one of those times!

In my short life, I have been privileged and honored to see Americans at their finest. Americans from all backgrounds, coming together to defend this great experiment we call the United States. The things I have seen inspire me. 18, 19, 20 year olds who put college aside, put families and relationships aside, put aside making a great paycheck or working on the family farm, to defend our nation. I have seen men run into houses not knowing what or who is on the other side. I have seen the same turning the corner on a street in Sadr City unsure at what awaits them. I have seen them act heroically.

Now over the next nine months, we have an opportunity. We will take our message of strength, hope, responsibility, and compassion into parts of our district that don’t traditionally vote Republican. We will take our message to those who are disturbed by this idea that we can spend whatever we want, whenever we want, and not worry about the consequences. There will be good days, there will be bad days. There will be corners that we must turn where we don’t know what awaits us. But we cannot afford to be scared. We cannot afford to hesitate. We cannot afford to question how hard this road will be. Actually let me rephrase that, our nation cannot afford it.   For those that have paid so much from the moment our nation was founded, to today, we owe it to them to never give up. We owe it to them to band together to reclaim our constitution and our America.

So, tonight we celebrate but our real journey starts tomorrow.  I will take the shots and the arrows that we all know are being sharpened against me tonight. But I need an army of people to stand behind me. I need an army of people that take this movement from being one of Adam Kinzinger, and turning it into one of the masses calling for their nation to return to its constitutional roots. I need you. Tomorrow begins day one of a new battle.

Let’s celebrate tonight, but let’s draw our bows and sharpen our sword…for the real battle starts tomorrow!

Well I am ready to do battle for him 🙂 And don’t forget to call him Captain…yeow!

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