Who Dat? Da Champs!! Saints win! Superbowl XLIV – Colts vs. Saints

watch this clip while u can@, Congrats Saints!

Tracy Porter Intercepts Peyton Manning and takes it 74 yrd into the Endzone

WSJ covers the historic win for the Saints.

And The Who plays at halftime with a medley of their greatest hits. Does anyone else in Gen X remember the pamphlet thingys McDonalds had at each Superbowl in the 70s? My mom tossed them with all my comics..sigh…We are rooting for the Colts, in large part because Peyton Manning did an ‘I Can Read’ program with the public schools and made quite an impression on the kids. Thank you Peyton!


Here’s how the captivating Super Bowl XLIV matchup between the Colts and Saints tonight at Sun Life Stadium breaks down: Dominant vs. Sentiment.Every time the Colts stepped onto the field this year determined to win a game, they won that game. Now, they are trying to turn their legacy into a mini-dynasty with a second Super Bowl title in four years.

A win by the Colts and they officially have supplanted the Patriots as the most dominant team in the NFL.

The 13-3 Saints are playing in this game for the first time in their often calamitous franchise history and are playing for the damaged soul and psyche of New Orleans, which still is recovering from the Hurricane Katrina devastation some four years ago. That has the Saints, five-point underdogs, as the heavy sentimental favorites….

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More from Mark Cannizzaro:


The most prominent matchup of the game features Colts tight end Dallas Clark vs. Saints safety Darren Sharper. Clark is the best receiving tight end in the game, with 100 catches and 10 touchdowns in the regular season. Since 2007, Clark has scored more touchdowns than any tight end in the league with 27. Sharper — with 63 interceptions in 13 seasons, including nine this season and three returned for touchdowns — is one of the best ballhawks of all time.


Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have thown for a combined 8,888 yards — a little more than five miles. How they perform likely will determine the outcome of the game…

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