Shockah!- Evan Bayh (D-IN) to retire!!!

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., addresses employees during a campaign stop as Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., right, listens at AM General Assembly Plant, in Mishawaka, Ind., Saturday, April 12, 2008. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Update 3: ahh Larry Sabato agrees with me, Bayh was still a good certainty at holding this seat, this resignation is a shot at Obama no mistake,

Anybody who says Evan Bayh is retiring because he feared being defeated by ex-Sen. Dan Coats is dead wrong. Bayh was the clear favorite in that match-up, and Coats has been damaged by the lobbying and residency revelations about him over the last couple of weeks.

And that’s why this is such a setback for Democrats. The Crystal Ball has immediately re-categorized this seat from Likely D to Toss Up, pending a clearer picture of the party nominees. 2010 is going to be a Republican year, and despite Obama’s narrow 2008 victory in Indiana, the Hoosier State is still GOP territory overall. At the very least, Democrats will have to spend big bucks to hold the seat, if they can hold it at all. The logical Democratic candidate would probably be an incumbent House member, perhaps Brad Ellsworth (age 51), Joe Donnelly (age 54), or Baron Hill (age 56). Hill has already run against Senate appointee Coats in the 1990 special election (following Sen. Dan Quayle’s resignation to become Vice President), and lost to Coats by a respectable 54% to 46%. Since Hill faces yet another tough rematch with former GOP Cong. Mike Sodrel, Hill might be especially tempted to make the run. But this is all speculation.


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‘Grecian Formula’ eludes greying economies of Europe

As CalculatedRisk noted last week, Greece is the word….Germany seems to remember the Weimar Republic, they aren’t going into bailout mode easily…their demographics in Western Europe seem to make their entitlement policies unsustainable (excluding Germany)…

AP (ugh!):

Germany rejects the idea of setting up a special fund to bail out eurozone countries, like Greece, that run into fiscal trouble because budgetary problems must be solved at the root, the Finance Ministry said Monday.Spokesman Michael Offer told reporters that a European equivalent to the International Monetary Fund, as has been floated in the German media, “does not appear to be the solution” to a problem such as that plaguing Greece, because it does not get to the “root” of the problem.

Greece must reduce its budget deficit by four percentage points this year and bring it down to 3 percent of gross domestic product by 2012, Offer said. That is in line with requirements for participation in the common currency.

“The problem is in Greece and therefore there is no way around … the painful austerity measures,” he said. Offer stressed that the IMF, which provides loans to nations in budgetary crisis, would be limited to “technical assistance.”

Financial Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble underlined in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper on Saturday that responsibility for the euro lies with the 16 eurozone countries.  “There is no textbook that explains what to do when a land within a monetary union goes bankrupt. There is no precedent” for such a case, Schaeuble was quoted as saying.

And get a load of Schaeuble’s comment:

“The state of California does not go to the IMF for help,” Schaeuble said…

To which I reply..sure not yet! Give the public unions a few minutes to figure out how to strongarm you and Andy Stern will be there momentarily…But seriously, if they bailout Greece the rest of the PIGS are next. Same here with Obama bailing out Cali..but SEIU made Obama so ya know, he will find a way, stimulus/jobs bill/green jobs bill, whatever he calls it, is is bailouts to state government workers he is about….unsustainable…

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The Knack lead singer Doug Fieger passes away, God Bless

One of the Gen X anthems-


Doug Fieger, leader of the power pop band The Knack who sang on the 1979 hit “My Sharona,” died Sunday. He was 57. Fieger, a Detroit-area native, died at his home in Woodland Hills near Los Angeles after battling cancer, according to The Knack’s manager, Jake Hooker.Fieger formed The Knack in Los Angeles 1978, and the group quickly became a staple of Sunset Strip rock clubs. A year later he co-wrote and sang lead vocals on “My Sharona.”  Fieger said the song, with its pounding drums and exuberant vocals, was inspired by a girlfriend of four years.

“I had never met a girl like her — ever,” he told The Associated Press in a 1994 interview. “She induced madness. She was a very powerful  presence. She had an insouciance that wouldn’t quit. She was very self-assured. … She also had an overpowering scent, and it drove me crazy.”

“My Sharona,” an unapologetically anthemic rock song, emerged during disco’s heyday and held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard pop chart for six weeks, becoming an FM radio standard….

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