Krauthammer Agrees!: Twofer Tuesday: The Middle

Update: Feb. 19, 2010 – Krauthammer agrees!:

..It turned out that the country’s problems were not problems of structure but of leadership. Reagan and Clinton had it. Carter didn’t. Under a president with extensive executive experience, good political skills and an ideological compass in tune with the public, the country was indeed governable.

It’s 2010, and the first-year agenda of a popular and promising young president has gone down in flames. Barack Obama’s two signature initiatives — cap-and-trade and health-care reform — lie in ruins.

Desperate to explain away this scandalous state of affairs, liberal apologists haul out the old reliable from the Carter years: “America the Ungovernable.” So declared Newsweek. “Is America Ungovernable?” coyly asked the New Republic. Guess the answer….

The leadership of the Democratic Party still does not get it.

The lamestream journOlists are trying to spin the departure of Bayh as a sign the ‘system doesn’t work’ i.e. government is broken.

Huh funny that, I remember Dubyah getting Medicare Part D, two wars, No Child Left Behind and tax cuts passed with far less of a majority and the same system of governance. Big Dawg got NAFTA, SCHIP, FMLA, balanced the budget. Both created millions of jobs.

The system is not broken, the leadership is weak. OWN YOUR CANDIDATE.

And that’s the view from here in ‘The Middle’ 🙂

I read posts from the ‘left’-  BTD at TalkLeft, and the journOlists – the Politico hit piece on Evan Bayh today and I think, wow they are So Far Away From Me. I think they will continue to be shocked! and amazed! and astounded! as the Dems are swept out of power. It is clear to everyone but those in the bubble or on the left that the country is saying N-O to the Obama Agenda all down the line.

The Democratic Party is So Far Away from the Middle. Since America IS The Middle we will have to remove them at the ballot box again. My Generation’s  (X)turn to be a ‘Reagan Democrat’ is it, and save the country from the worst proclivities of the farleft neoprogressive agenda? Okay I’m down with that.

I get so tired when I have to explain
When you’re so far away from me
See you’ve been in the sun and I’ve been in the rain
And you’re so far away from me

-Dire Straits


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CW Rawks: The Vampire Diaries gets early renewal for Season 2 and Supernatural gets Season 6!!!!…



The CW has issued early series renewals to five shows freshman breakout hit “The Vampire Diaries,” Josh Schwartz’s “Gossip Girl,” sophomore soap “90210,” veteran drama “Supernatural” and the network’s flagship reality staple “America’s Next Top Model.” All five will return next fall.

Vampire Diaries picked up for Season 2 and Supernatural gets Season 6

“Vampire Diaries” quickly became The CW’s most-watched show, averaging 4.6 million viewers. On Thursdays, “Diaries” has aided “Supernatural,” which has improved over last season among the network’s target demo of women 18-34.

Cast and creative crew members from “Supernatural” and “The Vampire Diaries” convey the magnitude of Comic-Con ’09 while signing autographs. Check out more Comic-Con ’09 footage at

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FOXBiz signs Charlie Gasparino?

Charlie rumoured to be leaving CNBC for FOXBiz…our previous posts on Charlie and the CNBC crew here and some video highlights of Charlie/assorted other CNBC hosts here


Fox Business Network is near a deal to steal Charlie Gasparino away from rival CNBC.

The famously feisty Wall Street reporter has officially departed from CNBC after being largely absent for several weeks, and is expected to be announced as the latest hire by Fox Business before this week is out.

Gasparino did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

But a representative for CNBC confirmed his departure, saying, “We thank Charlie for all his quality contributions and wish him the best.”

A Fox Business representative further confirmed that the network is in talks with Gasparino. News of Gasparino’s leaving CNBC to join Fox Business was first reported by the Web site TVNewser. (Fox Business, like The Post, is owned by News Corp.)

Gasparino’s would mark the third high-profile hire by Fox Business in the last few months, following the luring of Don Imus and John Stossel to the network. Though he lacks the national profile of Imus or Stossel, Gasparino is one of the most recognizable faces in television business news, and his joining Fox Business will be a major coup for the nascent network….

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