WH Spinmeisters: ‘Reform’ is the new ‘Change’…

So let’s get this straight. Millions of Americans are out of work for a record time. Business is afraid to make any moves in the face of the anti business rhetoric AND legislation (cap and trade) coming from this Congress and WH. The people are pixxed and it is showing up in even the most spun pro Obama polling. So what is their plan? Move center as the people clearly want, as Big Dawg did?

Pshaw! They have a new slogan! That’ll fix everything!

Because they figure we won’t notice they are trying to remake our image into that of old Western Europe and it’s socialized economies? (which are now breaking down under the weight of their entitlements). Too late Team TOTUS, cat’s out of the bag, we noticed like a year ago, remember the Townhalls and Tea Parties? We are awake and I see no way they can put us back to sleep before the midterm elections….

And unsurprisingly, they plan to begin with attacks on the SCOTUS Campaign Finance ruling. Sure now that Team Obama opened fire on private enterprise and that private enterprise and the people have the ability to fund campaign ads, suddenly Obama is all about campaign finance reform.

A top administration official said that “the biggest piece of reform” will be supporting congressional efforts to limit the impact of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that opened campaigns to huge independent spending by corporations and unions. “Americans really turned against this opinion, the official said. “And so the biggest reform is to ensure that our politics and our campaigns are not controlled by special interests. Getting legislation that deals with the Supreme Court decision on the floor and debated — and hopefully passed — is very important.”..

Yeah very important now that American private enterprise realizes this Administration will tank the economy to implement their top down vision of America.

This from a guy who left the credit card verification turned off on his campaign website and got foreign donations against FEC law (not to mention donations from ‘people’ like DooDad and DooDadPro). This from the guy who waived public finance after signing an agreement to be bound by it.

They are fooling no one.

Politico rolls out the new slogan…

President Barack Obama, after weeks of private talks, is putting the finishing touches on a new election-year strategy that replaces sweeping “change” with incremental reform, according to senior White House officials.

“Reform is the new change,” a senior aide told POLITICO….

And they plan to go back on Obamapalooza the Permanent Campaign Tour (hey guys that stuff only works ONCE in America, those SEIU filled buses won’t cut it this time). But when in doubt, attack the banks!:

A close adviser said Obama plans to increase his travel in the country, including minicampaigns built around “a series of small but highly visible policy debates that clearly put the Democrats on the side of middle-class families, with lobbies for special interests on the other side.” Two likely targets: student-loan servicing organizations and banks.

November cannot come soon enough. If the WH thinks pulling a Dubyah and moving into signing statements left and right will save them they are incredibly stupid. In fact, their stupidity and short-sightedness may be ‘unprecendented’!

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