Healthcare Kabuki – 10:00am EST…

The Obama Kabuki begins at 10:00am EST. FoxBiz will cover all 6 hours. Youtube is livestreaming it here.

Footage leaked of Reid, Schumer and Obama practicing their delivery:

My view is this is a BS facade to justify ramming ahead under reconciliation. The WH apparently wouldn’t listen to Rahm and do a slimmed down bill.

Clearly Obama’s massive ego can’t take the hit so instead they will ignore the people’s wishes and attempt to do something that EVERYONE acknowledges will add massive amounts to our debt.


Mikado mashup by GanitsoGoloso

Update: Sen Jon Kyl R Whip- AZ discusses the ‘summit’ and the reconciliation move on Hannity’s radio show, Kyl is attending the Summit:

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  1. MTR replied:

    But Obama does have an alternate bill waiting in the wings, which shows he’s not confident that he can woo the GOP.

    It’s not a matter of us not being able to afford the health care bill right now. We can’t afford it PERIOD. We can’t afford it monetarily as well as politically. It’s total government intrusion.


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