Obama demonstrates he lacks the humility to govern with the consent of the people, Obama to go nuclear on healthcare – the people will have to go Rostenkowski on the Critters and repeal this atrocity…

It’s beginning to feel a lot like 1989…What would Dan Rostenkowski think of what the Democrats in Congress are about to do?

Obama will announce his ‘path forward’ this afternoon, conveniently ignoring that his ‘path’ has Congress trample upon the wishes of the American people, they are  PROVING they cannot be trusted to govern with even a SIMPLE MAJORITY.

They will not listen to the people. This Administration is incapable of governing with humility and the CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. I predict a post-passage Ballroom Blitz (peaceful of course).


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  1. crosssection replied:

    Just the facts for Nancy Pelosi:



  2. MTR replied:

    The kicker, as you said, is that Obama is ignoring the will of the people. He and Pelosi keep saying how they have to pass the health care bill ‘for the people’ yet the polls show how the ‘people’ do not want the bill as written. In fact, they want Congress to start over from scratch.

    Obama knows that a do-over would create a bill unrecognizeable by the Democrats and possibly actually be GOOD for the ‘people.’ And we all know that this bill has nothing to do FOR the people but is about gaining power OVER the people.

    We can only hope for those 11th hour miracle or, as you put it, a Rostenkowski repeal.


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