Scott Brown proposes payroll tax holiday for *workers*…

Yay Scott! Finally, stimulus I can believe in! We have suggested just this here many times, but look! here is an actual DC pol proposing it! Scott will be on Kudlow at 700pm EST tonight….


Boston Herald:

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s first piece of legislation is a proposal to return unspent stimulus cash in the form of a payroll tax cut for workers, a proposal that came as the Bay State Republican was named to the prestigious Armed Services committee.

“The best way to revive our economy and spur job creation is by returning money directly to the American people so they can save and put money back into the economy,” Brown said yesterday. “Families are still hurting and their hard-earned tax dollars are sitting unused in a stimulus slush fund in Washington.”

Aides described Brown’s proposal as a temporary tax cut that applies to workers making roughly $200,000 or less a year, designed to “help out people who make less more.” It would kick in immediately upon passage, saving the average worker about $100 a month for a total of at least $500 for individuals and $1,000 for working couples, the senator’s aides said.

The tax cut would expire in about six months, or when the roughly $80 billion in unspent stimulus money drains down….

I believe in miracles…..

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