McCain – Scott Brown Rally Phoenix

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Barry Goldwater Jr made a big point that McCains seniority in the Senate gives AZ an important voice, and that we were the only state to have two Senators at that Healthcare PR stunt the WH pulled….Fife mentioned MAC was a big mentor to him early in his career. Given the amount of people MAC has coming in to bat for him and fundraising this soon before the primary (Aug) it looks like MAC will have the nomination sewn up. Can we get a promise he wont vote for cap n trade or amnesty ??

Couple pics now, video manyana, all that I had on me was the old the fuji camera, rest on camcorder…will fix pics up a bit too and repost …

Barry Goldwater Jr John McCain Rally 03052010

Hey!!! whats shakin!!??

11:48 am AZ Time/ 1:48 EST: we are in the first row of bleachers waiting for John McCain and Scott Brown!


2:00pm EST- Hey I just read on HA that BYRD says YES to reconciliation? the frakker, he is the guy who called the Big Dawg in 94 and said it would be INAPPROPRIATE to use on UHC??? WTF???


I am going off live blog so I can woot! at scott brown, will be back!

4:00pm EST: Home again home again jiggity jig. There were a couple hundred folks at the rally. A good crowd for Friday morning a full 6 months before the GOP primary I’d say (August).

Scott Brown was gracious to Mac and waved off the standing O we tried to give him. A humble guy. Very sensible talk on deficit spending and how MAC was against waste and earmarks before it was ‘cool’, lol.

Barry Goldwater Jr and Fyfe Symington former AZ Gov introduced MAC.

MAC talked about the need for strong national security, reminded us we are in two wars and AfPak will be very tough but we must win (would be nice to hear TOTUS say that).

MAC talked about the reconciliation being unacceptable and that it would destroy the Senate. Talked about the 300,000 seniors in AZ on Medicare Advantage who will lose bennies under Obama plan…Encouraged us to call our Reps, said the House is where the next action will be and that the AZ Reps can stop the bill if they want to..promised to fight for AZ JOBS JOBS JOBS and keep us safe and fight the spending spree they are on in DC

Video and pics up later!

PS CNBC Chyron just reported Eric Massa DNY will resign eff TODAY?? WOOT! One less bell to answer…one less vote to count!

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