Legend of the Seeker Season Three update…

Update: SOS!

Exec Producer twittered Friday that all is still well!


Legend Of The Seeker co-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Mike Sussman posted the following message on Twitter today:

Everyone, please, chillax. #LegendoftheSeeker has *not* been cancelled. Plans are ongoing for season three. Spread the word.

So could it be that Tribune represntatives were speaking too soon? Stay tuned and hope for the best.

Bridget Regan and Craig Horner fantasy series "Legend of the Seeker" pose in New York, Monday, Oct. 27, 2008. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

This news followed word leaked from Tribune that they were not picking up LoTS S3..but ABC Disney is still on board for S3 so far…


Legend of the Seeker may return for a third season, according to E! Online.

The Craig Horner-fronted series, which is loosely based on The Sword Of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind, was recently tipped for the axe after the Tribune Company declined to renew it.

However, since Seeker is owned by ABC, it may still survive.

An insider has reportedly said that the Alphabet network is keen to bring the show back for a third season, with bosses “exploring their options” for how and where to air the potential new run…

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  1. Aminu replied:

    We are always praying for third season.

  2. Sunday replied:

    We are hoping & waiting for season 3

  3. usman replied:

    please give us season 3. we need it and please don’t change the first seeker.

  4. Matthew replied:

    Hello,we all want to see the seeker,but thinking of it richard already possess the mark.so with wat i am thinking he better die.but looking at the setting even if he live he can’t marry the mother confessor.so cara play a good role.because marrying the confessor wil spoil the whole thing.i am a writer who is gifted and bless.from nigeria.bless with foreign idea.watchout either seeker die or the mother confessor die.it can’t be changed i have watched the season 2.and i have seen it all.

  5. Matthew replied:

    Hello,we all want to see the seeker,but thinking of it richard already possess the mark.so with wat i am thinking he better die.but looking at the setting even if he live he can’t marry the mother confessor.so cara play a good role.because marrying the confessor wil spoil the whole thing.i am a writer who is gifted and bless.from nigeria.bless with foreign idea.it can’t be changed i have watched the season 2.and i have seen it all.

  6. Matthew replied:

    Hello,we all want to see the seeker,but thinking of it richard already possess the mark.so cara play a good role.because marrying the confessor wil spoil the whole thing.i am a writer who is gifted and bless.from nigeria.bless with foreign idea.it can’t be changed i have watched the season 2.and i have seen it all.

  7. Matthew replied:

    Hello i prefer cara to love richard.both sult.nt the confessor

  8. zachariah fufeyin replied:

    can the mother confessor later fully fall in love with the seeker?

  9. zachariah fufeyin replied:

    it will be somehow.

  10. EVC from Nigeria replied:

    I can’t wait…give me season 3. Meanwhile Cara is strong, smat and beautiful, and I love her. I wish to know her…

  11. sherri replied:

    can’t wait for the 3rd season. there are much worse shows getting renewed, i can not see this one getting the axe. got to have my dose of Richard, every week….

  12. Lyn replied:

    Cara can’t marry Richard. The luv b/w Richard and Kahlan,i mean d complication makes d movie more thrilling and Richard and Kahlan can still workout a control 4 kahlans powers and get married in d end.

  13. Wanderer replied:

    Ever since word of the possible cancellation came out, there have been literally millions of people writing in commments to “http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/legend-of-the-seeker-cancelled/”, begging them to keep the show going…and more comments are still being listed every day. They better have a third season, or there may be an INTERNATIONAL riot…since comments have literally been coming in from all around the world. Here’s to keeping LotS alive for another season!

  14. Catherine Gall replied:

    Want season 3 of LOTS as bad as I do? Visit SaveOurSeeker.com to see how you can help!

  15. Patricia Locke replied:

    This has made my day! Please keep the original cast, because they are the real magic in this show! Just perfect together! This is the BEST show on the air, and I truly love it. Thanks for giving me my “hope” back.

  16. Seeker fan replied:

    I hope you are right. LotS is my best fantasy series ever.

  17. Yunusa Ningi replied:

    Hello, i cant wait for long time,wen wil season 3 of this fantastic film(legend of the seeker) will come out.we wil be grate full especially people leaveing in Nigeria

  18. ginaswo replied:

    I hope we get Season 3 too!!!

  19. frank replied:

    i so much enjoy the movie.i appreciate zedd alot.i luv cara,wish i could marry her

  20. Amadi chidera replied:

    Well i and my friend Nwafor chidera wishes to see the legend of the seeker season 3 too!!.And please dont change our Richard Cypher because no seeker will be as strong,sharp,and also jump with that his slow motion like him!

  21. Amadi chidera .i.k replied:

    Well i and my friend Nwafor chidera wishes to see the legend of the seeker season 3 too!!.And please dont change our Richard Cypher because no seeker will be as strong,sharp,and also jump with that his slow motion like him!.And we pray for his long life and prosperity.

  22. gani replied:

    please let there be a third season, i love the legend of the seeker.
    just need to see 2 series, and then i saw all 22 from the first, and second season

  23. gani replied:

    keep the same seeker and confessor, and offcourse zeddicus zu’l zurrandur

  24. Jonathan replied:

    Pls i luv cahlan and seeker and even cara i cant wait 4 d third season special thanks 2 lordraw óne of d best actor of d year. I luv ur performance how i wish i can see u. Pls seeker after d movie i want u 2 mary d confesor dont b afraid of her powers, zed will take care of dat…4rm nigeria.

  25. Mike replied:

    Please don’t cancel this wonderful show, my whole family read the entire book series and would like to collect all the episodes. This is the best fantasy ever. And, please don’t change the cast, they fit the characters in the book perfectly. More power to the seeker and it’s cast.

  26. TENJIWE MSIPA replied:

    been watchin legend of the seeker for a while nw and gotta say m hooked, cant wait for the third season

  27. dav replied:

    i beliv in the producer, all the actors and actress, but we r all waiting for season three. pls dont delay anylonger

  28. iha replied:

    Guys you did it perfect in sn 1 and 2, so you can create something more thrilling interesting but don’t force it make it flow. We are waiting, remember other series are moving.

  29. Tashang replied:

    After I heard the show was cancelled in March my husband and I were so upset!! I keep checking to see if there is some hope that another network has picked up the show. Is this true? Is there still some hope?? I am comforted greatly by the resounding praise for this fantastically entertaining show, there is so much garbage out there on television its nice to see there are still intelligent dreamers out there who appreciate good shows and not the reality tv smut that is so prolific these days!!! PLEASE PLEASE bring LEGEND OF THE SEEKER BACK FOR A THIRD SEASON AND MORE!!!!

  30. yanga replied:

    Legend of the seeker is my favourite series,and I would be so sad if the is no season 3 or season 4 and the next.the are so many shows on tv which are continuing that aren’t even that good.legend of the seeker has to carry on its so adventurous and exciting.the original seeker and confessor should not be changed and the other characters too.

  31. kaitlyn replied:

    there has to be a new season. i mean what happens to darken rahl and what about kahlan and Richard, and one of the prophices that was writen said the the seeker would face an evil even worse than the keeper.

  32. ginaswo replied:

    if they dont come through, Terry Goodkind wrote the entire series and you can find out what happened next by picking up the books :0) and there IS a MUCH greater evil! Terry has said due to the popularity of the series he is going back and releasing MORE books, yay!

    see here:

  33. mukhtar replied:

    i think there should be season 3 4 legend of d seeker 2 nw if richad will marry kahlan………

  34. samuel replied:

    i suggest the season three of the legend of the seeker should be out so we can get the final conclution of it.

  35. tosin replied:

    pls let there be season three.i love kahlan very much,pls don’t change Richard and mother confessor

  36. olumide replied:

    i suggest the season three of the legend of the seeker should be out so we can get the final conclusion of it.let it be out very soon.

  37. jun jae mei replied:

    please keep the show going…please give it a season 3.. i can’t live without it….please, please…

  38. joe bidley replied:

    I want Season 3,4, 5, 6 and so on for the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! It is the BEST TV SERIES EVER!!! Much better than any other TV series I have seen! You have to give it a chance! If ABC is complaining that they only have a few millions of watchers then Tribune/ABC should check Hulu and Netflix website! LoS is watched by millions of people AROUND THE WORLD! They should negotiate with Hulu and Netflix for the movie showing. Please I need to watch it!! The most wholesome movie I have ever seen. The actors are just so great! And the Seeker always seeks the truth and tries to do everything right! Absolutely great!

  39. mimi uba replied:


  40. andrej replied:

    I WOULD really LOVE to make Season3 in 2010-2011 because its THE BEST seria in (hole world).

  41. douglas replied:

    guys the seeker is fun i luvvvv it. pliz keep thoz characters coz they r cool esp’lly cara she’s SMART. BIGUPS TO ABC ENT’TMNT & PLEASE RELEASE SEASON THREE PLEASEEEEEEEEE. THANX

  42. seeker replied:

    Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, Cara and especially Darken Rahl please return to the screen!!! We want to watch you all! Oh Sister Nicki you must come back too!!!

  43. Muhammed replied:

    Please ABC we love the show in nigeria,the reason is that we dont have a tv station showing it for us we only depend on dvd may god be with you

  44. Samuel replied:

    Yes, this is a story that has so many mistary,understandable,fabulous,i think there should be seasea 3,because we can see at d end of season 2,dakin ral,d wish,d d hara ,d modsit,are stil after them,so they must at last defeat them al,also i think d seeker and confersor wil at last marry each other,bcos of d love they hav for each other,mother cofersor power is no more working on d seeker…

  45. Lexxy replied:

    we all need d legend of the seeker back! Its thrilling n breathtaking,one cant get enuf of d action but i sincerely hope none of d characters are changed cos hmmn its gonna so flop if they do! I luv zedd n cara yea as well as kahlan n richard…zedd adds humour 2 d show n cara well,she’s just 2 gud…we want season 3

  46. Maryann replied:

    I hope they come out with a season 3 soon. I love watching this show.

  47. cha replied:

    come on guys! give us the season 3 its 2011 we hunger for more ^_^

  48. Justin replied:

    My life hasn’t been the same since I heard that the seeker was t coming back a 3rd season. Please bring it back. I love this show.

  49. EarthBornHero replied:

    Havn’t seen many tv shows from 2008-2010 cause ive been busy recovering from a traumatic brain injury in the army. I saw seasons 1&2 on netflix and watched em both over about a week and a half and im hooked!~! I LOVE THIS SHOW, pleeeeeeeease bring it back!! The cast is great, the show gets the humor, the drama, the comedy all just right :))) C’mon ABC, get it in better time slots, or air it like usual and upload it to ZUNE or netflix within 48 hrs after and I’ll just watch it that way..

  50. Gideon replied:

    O! Come on, its an interesting show.we are very curious abt d next season. pls we can’t wait anymore.

  51. Taiwo replied:

    Interesting,educating with supermastarious characters. Lets begin d show again!!

  52. skernel replied:

    Let legend of d seeker ressurect nd com back 2 d tvscreen.me my sister nd my mumm are eager 2 watch season3 of ds fantastc movie.infat Nigerians film lover ar waitn 2 see thier actor nd actresses again d likes of RICHARD CYPHER KALHAN AMNEL CARA MAISON ZEDD DARK RAHLetc, hmn we ar teln u gently now.it is beta u release it now b4 u provoke Nigerians nd let dem start international 3rdworld war all because of legend of the seeker.let he who has ear heed to my warnings nd prosper.,

  53. brandon replied:

    are craig horner and the mother confesser not in love in real life because this two are perfect couple in the world

  54. jonnex replied:

    richard kelhan what r u waitin 4

  55. jonnex replied:

    richard kahlan what r u wating 4?

  56. rahman alhassan replied:

    the third season of legend of seeker has been too long in underground

  57. Adetutu replied:

    cant wait 4 season 3

  58. LotS FAN replied:

    Legend of the Seeker is one of the best series I have ever seen, can’t wait for season 3!!! It’ll be career suicide to cancel it!!!

  59. ginaswo replied:

    God Bless! Thank you for your service!!

  60. clinton replied:

    my entire family watch the seeker programs we have recorded and on pc please give us a season three

  61. Naijaoracle replied:

    My naija people no worry the great thriller ”LOTS” will be back just hope you guys don’t piss in your pants out of excitment! I just wonder who is going to be the bad guy in season 3

  62. stephanie replied:

    how about yo guys stop trying to pick how it goes and read the books? they are much better. terry goodkind made a terrific story ad it doent need altering.

  63. Esther replied:

    Please give us season three. I can’t wait for it. Pls don’t change Craig Horner and Bridget Regan and Bruce Spence and Tarbett Bethell. My entire family watch the seeker programs we have recorded please give us a season three. Legend of the Seeker is one of the best series. Richard kahlan what r u waiting 4? are Craig Horner and the mother confessor not in love in real life because this two are perfect couple in the world!!!!!

  64. iki replied:

    Richard,khalan,zed,cara and rhal. U guys are so perfect. I cant possibly love any movie more. LOTS so much meets my expectations and choice of a movie. I BEG U WITH GOD TO BRING ‘LOTS 3’ BACK!!!! Plssssssss!!!!

  65. John replied:

    has no one read the books, Kahlan cant confess richard u find that out in end of book 1 i think, But only names and places from book are used for tv series. I’m all for season 3 because book series is done. i think they should make movies that use the books stoyline and plot.

  66. Tonex replied:

    I am in love with cara pls how can I find her? She is so charming.

  67. sarah replied:

    We need season3,so pls do what you have to save it

  68. alex replied:

    give us season three and dont change or remove any one.i want them all in the third season

  69. Valery replied:

    I am so much in hrt break when my frnds falsly informs me dat season 3 is on sale, plz am down on my knees, plz i want 2 see d best of cara and the end of sister nicci, plz i nid a SEASON 3.

  70. AXEE replied:

    I dnt reaIIy think TERRY GOODKIND needs to hear any more from people that are fans of dis spectacular series.We need the continuation of this series with uncountable fans.The fans of LOTS were really right by telling ABC that it would be a career murder nd maybe even suicide to cancel the third season. PLEEEEAAASE WE NEEEED THE CONTINUATION.

  71. alex hamidu bakari replied:

    alex the seeker

  72. alex hamidu bakari replied:

    we need the first seeker pls pls and pls pls namaslt

  73. Pastor ify replied:

    It‘s time for richard cipher to lift up the sword of truth,i‘m tired of watching children‘s movies

  74. kehinde replied:

    please let LOTS have a next season… its so interesting for it to be cancelled.

  75. Ojo damilare replied:

    I still waiting 4 d season 3 may God make it succed in jesus name.

  76. Ojo damilare replied:

    I have a belivedat seeker we marry to d mother of confessor and if dis is no happen seeker we die beause confessor is in position of helping seeker make it come out dis Dec i need showing.

  77. Lisa replied:

    So hope that you continue on with the seeker!!!!!!

  78. Sajad Muhammad replied:

    Wish you the best and we are desptrate to see the season3

  79. marshall siddiq ibraheem replied:

    i got to see d third season of lot plz… Is do or die afare com on

  80. Orlaeetan replied:

    I’m praying of it (season three) very soon please.

  81. david peterson replied:

    i can’t wait 2 watch d return of the legend of d seeker.i’ve waited 4 ab’t 11 month 4 d return.

  82. Alex replied:

    what a shame to cancel such a show. we want more , much more.. season 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 has to be signed and aired . karaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant beleive i aint gonna see u more and more. lousy shows going for season 7 and 8, and a great epic LOTS stops at 2. kindly reconsiderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. legend of the seeker forever >3

  83. Brenna replied:

    Wow I’m encouraged to hope for season3-Because obviously I’m not the ONLY one praying to God to continue the show. They said they enjoyed filming the show,only means more jobs,income &fun for them and sheer pleasure for Seeker lovers WOLRDWIDE! Never give up HOPE!

  84. chimex d excellent replied:

    i hope the season 3 will be aired soon,coz we nigerian are waiting patiently 4 the season 4,they should not break our hearts by axing this series,we are hoping 4 the best

  85. Emily replied:

    I really hope for season 3 with everything still the same. I mean, if everything isn’t the same, why do season 3? It’s not very interesting anymore. So, please do for season 3 with everything the same.

  86. semmy replied:

    wow! its February no news yet,please bring this show back i am pleading

  87. Temmydebby replied:

    Pls, we r still waiting 4 d season 3 of legend of d seeker, don’t change d seeker & d mother confessor. We really want dem back, we want 2 know wot will happen 2 sis nikki, lord rahl, we want kahlan & richard 2 get married. Please release legend of d seeker season 3.

  88. adekanye comfort replied:

    Ple let d seeker season three be on sale as fast as u can thanks. Love u all.

  89. Nurudeen replied:

    It will be so interesting to see Richard and Kalan again.. Please help us to release the season 3….

  90. Michael McDermott replied:

    Didnt see first two seasons until it came onto netflix. Then i couldnt stop watching. The same thing was done to star trek in the 1970’s. After 5 seasons they killed it, only to have 4 more television series and 10 major motion pictures. It is fan dedication that will put legend of the seeker on top. Thats what the got here. Theres 12 million people playing world of warcraft. Interest in this television series could be phenonemal if advertised correctly.(through world of warcraft?) If there is a problem it is not the show, it is the people promoting it.

  91. oliver hevi replied:

    plz we want the season three. plz do ur bxt cos i wont watch any other movie without watching the third season.the bxt movie i hv watched in ma life.

  92. shemar replied:

    Bring back richard kahlan cara and zed I beg u goddddd. I missed this show as soon as finish watching season two on netflix I was like wth were is season 3 bring back the seeker. :(

  93. seekingtheseeker replied:

    you want to see seaso 3 stop being lazy bums and read the books

  94. shemar replied:

    bring back the seeker I missed the show. As soon as I finished watching season two I was like with were is season three bring back Richard kalan cara and zedd. :(

  95. shemar replied:


  96. LOVELY replied:

    we need season 3.b the way am feeling for cara.wish i culd know her.pleeeeeeeeeeeees.if season 3 its not back by ending july ,WORLD WAR III WILL HAPPEN

  97. lovelace replied:

    we need it badly

  98. lovelace replied:

    Hello.am lovelace .cant wait to see legend of the seeker season 3.please am begging u on ma knees.please i dont want t mis the like of ,richard,kahlan,cara,zedd, even the villian LORD RAHL.SO PLEASE AM BEGGING,PLIZ

  99. Specialsam replied:

    All d fans praying God 2 help you guys n u 2 2 do evrytin posibl 2 giv us S3 pls.

  100. Luke replied:


  101. Slartiblartfast replied:

    Legend of the seeker is another successful sci fi show of epic proportions cancellation is not acceptable.
    the canceling of V and now the seeker , are American TV corporations blind to public opinion.
    Aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh …

  102. Precious replied:

    I think dere should be a 3rd season but it should focus more on dere personnal life lyk richard and kahlan

  103. jeuel replied:

    please we all want season 3 i hope same cast from the season1……….hope the season 3 will be release this year….

  104. Katie replied:

    I love this show it can’t just end. My cousin and I are addicted to it. And cara is an awesome character. I am constantly bored and legend of the seeker gave me something exciting for weeks.
    I love legend of the seeker!!

  105. dave replied:

    love this movie

  106. Cletus Gabriel kobo replied:

    I only wish dat legend of d seeker series shld be release

  107. Felix paul frm nigeria replied:

    Legend of d seka is d best film i hav eva watchd.wen is season 3comin out? Pls i ned 2no….am jst hopin it cums out….

  108. Dawn replied:

    I don’t even watch regular TV,,,but I sure would watch it for a 3rd season of the seeker..as long as the original seeker Richard plays the seeker.. I love this show…want more seasons :)

  109. Darla replied:

    I’m sure everyone knows this by now but season three was eventually confirmed to be canceled guys. If you can’t get enough of it, read the books since they are really good.

  110. Nelson replied:

    I think there is no movie like legend of the seeker so please we need season3

  111. Jay replied:

    Overall this is my best show ever waiting for the third season ….<3lots of love to seeekers fan and the seeker team

  112. Shadowreaver91 replied:

    When does Legend of the Seeker season 3? Official release date is known?

    We remind, what the last episode of second season of the film «Legend of the Seeker» was issued in far 2010, in May. After that all started talking about the date of new episodes issue, but there was no exact answer from the creators. It became known, that there are simply no money for «life prolongation» of the legend, ABC Studios refuses to fund the project.

    The reporters of «Entertainment Weekly» managed to know, that Sam Raimi, the producer of this serial, started looking for a buyer for this film after the syndication refused to continue takings. Resent year some information appeared, that Disney channel has bought back all rights on the project. It will present continuation «Legend of the Seeker» season 3 already in 2013. Date of issue will be defined, but now the translation of previous seasons is on air.

    The second part of this serial was founded on the chapter one of the books of the writer Terry Goodkind. Audience of the serial counts more then 2 millions of people.

    Legend of the Seeker season 3 release date – in 2013
    it’s not over yet

  113. joy replied:

    I think in season three they should be together they are great together

  114. Oluwatobi replied:

    Pls l want 2 know when season 3 wil be released out 2 watch pls Email me on above address

  115. tammy replied:

    I just recently found Legen of the Seeker via Hulu and have fallen in love with it. I was very sad to hear that it was cancelled after the 2nd season. I agree that someone should get it back on air especially with the original cast. If they were to change it, it wouldnt be the same……

  116. Td replied:

    Richard,khaln,zedd,and cara we are wating for you

  117. jeff replied:

    please bring it back

  118. Seeker fan replied:

    any hope for season 3

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