The Vampire Diaries returns! 1.15 ‘A Few Good Men’ promo and scoop! Paley Center honors Vampire Diaries – Ian talks ‘Lost’ and Damon…

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SciFiWire got awesome scoopage from the cast at The Paley Center too:

“A Few Good Men” features major information about Isobel, Elena’s birth mother and Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) murdered wife. Flashbacks show what Isobel was up to while married to Alaric. Elena traces a chain of creepy characters up to Isobel herself. Damon even flat-out taunts Alaric in public.

“The first one back is pretty killer, because there’s a lot of new information revealed for our characters that’s going to take us all the way through to the end of the season,” Plec said in a group interview on the red carpet. “Alaric and Elena and Damon all learn something pretty earth-shattering about Elena’s birth mother, and crazy things happen between Alaric and Damon that sets up a rivalry for them for a long time.” Indeed, Alaric fights Damon in the episode.

‘Uncle John’:

The big new casting is Alias, Heroes and 24‘s David Anders as Jonathan Gilbert, to whom Williamson lovingly refers as Uncle John. He will be seen in subsequent episodes.

“I’m a big fan of David Anders,” Williamson said. “He’s proving to be really exciting. He’s also someone who can really go up against Damon. The scenes between Ian and David Anders are a lot of fun to watch, because it really is quid pro quo.”

Uncle John isn’t just a force of conflict for the Salvatore family. He shakes things up with the young Gilberts, too.

“Uncle John is going to sort of come in and stir things up for Damon and, oddly enough, Jeremy,” Williamson said. “So I think Jeremy and his relationship with Anna now that he’s going to learn—”

Afraid of spoiling too much, Williamson turned to Plec to finish that comment. “The Gilbert legacy dating back to the original Jonathan Gilbert back in 1864 has been very much about finding and destroying vampires in Mystic Falls,” Plec said. “So [Jonathan is] putting Jeremy into that situation where he has the option to follow his family footsteps or not.”

Damon & Stefan deal with Katherine issues: (continues after the break):


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Slaughter-House ’10: House Dems prepare to turn Democracy on its head to ram through bill that will end their careers…

Update via Drudge by way of RollCall, Senate Parliamentarian says no go on reconciliation of a bill that has not been signed by POTUS:

The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that President Barack Obama must sign Congress’ original health care reform bill before the Senate can act on a companion reconciliation package, senior GOP sources said Thursday. The Senate Parliamentarian’s Office was responding to questions posed by the Republican leadership. The answers were provided verbally, sources said.

…. House Democratic leaders last week began looking at crafting a legislative rule that would allow the House to approve the Senate health care bill, but not forward it to Obama for his signature until the Senate clears the reconciliation package.

Video update: House GOP on the earmark moratorium

Video update: Jon Kyl R-AZ on the Senate GOP united stance against reconciliation for non budget-germane health care bill matters

Follow-up to yesterday, House and Senate GOP are pushing back as Pelosi leads her merry band of masochists off a cliff….meanwhile the House GOP Conference has passed its unilateral moratorium on ALL EARMARKS…finally staking out the Higher Ground on spending! Happy dance!!!

The House Republican Conference has just adopted a unilateral moratorium on all earmarks, effective immediately.

NRO Corner:

Rep. David Dreier (R., Calif.), ranking Republican on the House Rules Committee, said the Slaughter Rule is evidence that Democrats cannot pass their bill “while playing by the rules.”

“With the Slaughter Solution, House Democrats have exposed themselves as willing to abandon the most fundamental element of legislating – a transparent, up-or-down vote— in order to achieve a unpopular partisan objective.  This is highly disturbing and in some ways, dangerous.  The American people do not want this health care bill and they certainly don’t want the democratic process turned on its head in an effort to pass it over their objections.”

Here’s part of the statement Republicans on the House Rules Committee released on the matter:

Not only would this be an astoundingly byzantine and cynical attempt to advance a bill that no one, including House Democrats, wants or likes, it could very well backfire.

The Slaughter Solution depends upon the Senate’s acting to pass a package of fixes to a bill that can’t garner sufficient support in the House.  But the likelihood a clean “fix-it” bill passing the Senate is slim.  There will be challenges to some proposed fixes, and therefore changes to the package.  There are also questions as to whether or not a bill can be “fixed” under the Budget Act before it is signed into law by the President.  And then there is the question of abortion.  If an abortion change cannot be made through reconciliation, would the Slaughter Solution be further expanded to implement an abortion fix, too?  How would that fix make its way through the Senate?

With serious unanswered questions like these, why would any wavering Democrat take the bait and support the Slaughter Solution?  There is a high probability that House Democrats ultimately will be forced into taking the tough votes they tried so hard to avoid, after putting themselves on record as supporting an end-run around a real, transparent vote.  In the end, rank-and-file Democrats would be making themselves all the more vulnerable for having supported their Leadership’s egregious tactics…

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LOST meets Baywatch

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Sen. Bob Corker R-TN ‘WH politics and healthcare have killed the bipartisan Financial Reform Bill’

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Corker sounded very sad that Dodd (D-CT-Friend of Tangelo) let him know yesterday that they will not be proceeding with the bipartisan talks on the Regulatory Reform Bill. Compare this announcement with the optimistic tone Warner (D-VA and Warner is also IMO the DNC choice to run against Hillary in ’16 no doubt) and Corker had just 2 weeks ago, remember ALL must bow before the almighty health care reform, even this, the most important thing they can do for the economy…

Recall this is the second time the Dems have screwed Corker after he put it all on the line for them, the same thing happened when he was trying to help in the GM bailout talks…fool me three times??

Corker has been taking serious heat for working with Dodd and the Dems and here is his reward,  he is dumped to the curb…let it be a lesson to others, these Congressional Democrats are NOT your Daddy’s Dems, they are ideologues and even those who WANT to work together (Corker kept going on and on about how wonderful Dodd and Warner D-VA were), the WH will put the kibosh on it….

So are they going to ram ahead on a partisan Financial Regulatory bill using reconciliation too?


A bipartisan effort to craft a financial reform bill fell apart in the Senate, with Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) saying he would move ahead on a revised package without Republican support. At a news conference after Dodd’s announcement, GOP committee member Bob Corker said the “decision was very disappointing” but added he understood “the pressure he [Dodd] was under.”

“There’s no question the White House, politics and health care have kept us from getting to the goal line,” he added….

…”Dodd is going for broke, hoping that somehow he can push a bill out of committee even though he has not been able to work out crucial deals behind closed doors,” said banking analyst Bert Ely. “I have been highly skeptical for months about the prospects of major financial regulation legislation this year. I now am more skeptical than ever “…

Another key legislative issue biting the dust because Obama and Pelosi are OBSESSED with healthcare. Nice way to govern..NOT.

This is a great time to post NakedCapitalism’s EXCELLENT (should win Pulitzer for Truth in a world of propaganda hacks) Blog post on how Obama has TANKED meaningful financial regulatory reform already:

I’ve seldom seen so much rubbish written by people who ought to know better in a single day. Many able people have heaped the scorn and incredulity on three articles, one a piece on Rahm Emanuel slotted to run in the Sunday New York Times Magazine, another an artfully packed laudatory piece on Timothy Geithner by John Cassidy in the New Yorker and a more even handed looking one (I stress “looking”) in the Atlantic.

Ed Harrison has skillfully shredded parsed the Geithner pieces . Simon Johnson thrashed the New Yorker story

Continues after the break:


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Pelosi clears House schedule for full Dem conference to twist arms for health care vote…

Video update: Michele Bachmann R-MN on the closed door House Dem arm twisting conference on health care

Hugely important to call your critters today. Pelosi has cleared the schedule to have a meeting with the entire Democratic caucus and present them with her plan to ram ahead on the health care vote …

…A closed-door meeting in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office Wednesday evening moved congressional leaders and administration officials close to agreement on such issues as additional subsidies to help lower-income families purchase health insurance and more aid for states under the Medicaid program for low-income Americans.

Democrats still need to see a final cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office — and want to ensure it stays around $950 billion over 10 years — but they made plans to begin to read the bill to rank-and-file Democrats at a caucus meeting Thursday.

“We’re going to get started,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said after her meeting with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and other key officials. Some unanswered questions remain, Pelosi said, “but we’re hoping that we’ll get those answered over the course of the reading. It’s not much.”…

…meanwhile out on the ‘campaign trail’ Obama says he is ‘tired of talking about ‘ health carenewsflash Mr President, so is America. MOVE ON, accept your loss, show some grace and move on…

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse full trailer

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