The Vampire Diaries returns! 1.15 ‘A Few Good Men’ promo and scoop! Paley Center honors Vampire Diaries – Ian talks ‘Lost’ and Damon…

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SciFiWire got awesome scoopage from the cast at The Paley Center too:

“A Few Good Men” features major information about Isobel, Elena’s birth mother and Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) murdered wife. Flashbacks show what Isobel was up to while married to Alaric. Elena traces a chain of creepy characters up to Isobel herself. Damon even flat-out taunts Alaric in public.

“The first one back is pretty killer, because there’s a lot of new information revealed for our characters that’s going to take us all the way through to the end of the season,” Plec said in a group interview on the red carpet. “Alaric and Elena and Damon all learn something pretty earth-shattering about Elena’s birth mother, and crazy things happen between Alaric and Damon that sets up a rivalry for them for a long time.” Indeed, Alaric fights Damon in the episode.

‘Uncle John’:

The big new casting is Alias, Heroes and 24‘s David Anders as Jonathan Gilbert, to whom Williamson lovingly refers as Uncle John. He will be seen in subsequent episodes.

“I’m a big fan of David Anders,” Williamson said. “He’s proving to be really exciting. He’s also someone who can really go up against Damon. The scenes between Ian and David Anders are a lot of fun to watch, because it really is quid pro quo.”

Uncle John isn’t just a force of conflict for the Salvatore family. He shakes things up with the young Gilberts, too.

“Uncle John is going to sort of come in and stir things up for Damon and, oddly enough, Jeremy,” Williamson said. “So I think Jeremy and his relationship with Anna now that he’s going to learn—”

Afraid of spoiling too much, Williamson turned to Plec to finish that comment. “The Gilbert legacy dating back to the original Jonathan Gilbert back in 1864 has been very much about finding and destroying vampires in Mystic Falls,” Plec said. “So [Jonathan is] putting Jeremy into that situation where he has the option to follow his family footsteps or not.”

Damon & Stefan deal with Katherine issues: (continues after the break):

After finding out that Katherine wasn’t buried in the tomb, Damon deals with his abandonment issues the only way Damon knows how. You’ll see his sorority babe fang-bang orgy in “A Few Good Men.” “Booze and girls,” Somerhalder said on the red carpet. “It works, I guess.” Damon spends the whole episode drunk, and fans in the audience were also happy to see another topless Ian Somerhalder scene during his bender. “I ask and beg and call Julie and Kevin all the time: ‘Can I please get naked?'” Somerhalder told the cheering audience.

Stefan may have expected to finally get some closure if they found Katherine in the tomb. Now that she’s out there, and with all the other secrets coming to light, Stefan’s going to lose some of his cool veneer.

“We’re going to see some complexities and layers that we probably haven’t seen before,” Wesley said on the red carpet. “I think that’s just a natural progression with any complex character. I think it would be unrealistic, as realistic as a vampire show is, unrealistic to not see that.” During the panel, he explained further, “He’s hiding from something by being Stefan, and that’s going to come out eventually.”

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