Sen. Scott Brown GOP Weekly Address – start over on health care bill

Scott Brown tellin it like it is.


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  1. Shirley Slaughter replied:

    I just heard on the news and saw on the internet that you are voting for the financial bill that is going to mess up private enterprise Jobs even more. I thought when I sent you money and stood up for you you would be a strong conservative for our country. Boy was I wrong
    You cave in all the time. Stop letting the people down that supported you. thanks for your time
    Shirley Slaughter


    • ginaswo replied:

      Shirley, I think you should research the bill first. It is all that Wall St wanted. it is incredibly weak in fact. it does NOT force the banks to divest their trading desks (internal profits) it does NOT regulate all credit swaps or derivatives, it does NTO include the bank tax, it does NOT end too big to fail, in short it is very pro wall st.

      the GOP leadership would not have given Scott eh okay to vote yes if they didnt want it to pass and get off the front pages, the Dems are using the GOP no votes to bash them as anti Main St.
      this bill will do nothing to avert the next disaster and it is a Dem bill. it helps us to get it off the front pages and passed.

      Also business has been asking to have it passed to eliminate the uncertainty of what might be added to it.

      just my two cents.


    • ginaswo replied:

      Shirley, Brown has said he is voting NO on the DISCLOSE Act, hopefully that will end that travesty at least :))


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