Advice to the GOP Leadership from a recovering Democrat & Twofer Tuesday: Come As You Are/It’s So Easy

I need to rant a bit. The GOP leadership needs to embrace the passion and patriotism of the American people, and absolutely must ignore the race baiting tom-toms of the lamestream media and is the last refuge of scoundrels, throwing the race card at Americans exercising their God-given rights to assemble, freedom of speech, and especially redress of grievances to our government.

Team Obama continues to replay their primary campaign, we are in the phase where anyone objecting to the incredible overreach and intrusion into our lives is branded racist, ignorant, uneducated, lampooned, etc etc.

Sadly in 2008 millions of Democratic voters were floored at this treatment, by our own party, people who KNEW DAMNED WELL the things they were saying were slanderous lies.

Maybe it is because I have been a Democrat for 24 years that I feel absolutely no compunction about my passion for the country and the cause of rolling back the travesty these people have foisted upon us and our children. I have been dragging crates over to serve as a soapbox and stood upon them to lecture my fellow nursery school attendees upon proper treatment of fellow classmates time out of mind, maybe it’s genetic, lol.

HillBuzz spoke about this a good year ago or more, but I see a plethora of articles hitting blogs and MSM in re the ‘racism!” or ‘radical!” (POT-KETTLE!) nature of the Tea Party Patriots and now more broadly, all who dare to oppose the ‘gift’ of Obamacare.

Get your ya yas out as The Stones used to say. Flags, families, friends, passionate patriots expressing their will. The evolution of conservative and GOP patriots, to the point where they felt compelled to do what Democrats have done for generations, and step outside into the public sphere to express their will, the evolution into Tea Party Patriots, joined by Independents and Democrats like hubby and I, is precisely BECAUSE of the machinations and biases of the lamestream media.

Their refusal to report the true expression of the majority of Americans’ will with regard to deficit spending, taxation, cap and trade, and lately health care, left most Americans feeling completely cutoff from each other. We were cast out of the collective consciousness of America as reported and reflected by our media each night in evening news broadcasts.

It is not going to be possible for the Axelrasputian Brigade to push we moderate Democrats away from the tea parties. We have always loved America and never bought into the neoprog hard left anti American BS to begin with. Now that we have lived our primary ‘trial by race card fire’, we will not be deterred.

The Indies I meet at Tea Parties have zero problem expressing their wishes for the Freedoms we cherish to be upheld, and I wager the conservatives and GOP have had enough of the race card shenanigans also. We don’t care what you call us, we know who we are.

The GOP leadership needs to reflect that same thick skin if you will. If the GOP Leadership fails to embrace the righteous, yes frakkin totally righteous anger of Americans over the healthcare debacle then it will be ‘So Fxxkin’ Easy’ for the Dems to hold power (h.t Axl Rose).

Obama must’ve laughed himself through the entire Democratic primary as Hillary was forced to apologize for an everlasting  chain of imagined, purported ‘slights’ and aspersions involving race. She couldn’t say ‘Good Morning’ without issuing an apology after SC. Learn from our mistakes.

These people throwing the race card know damn well it is baseless. Do not try to mollify the arsonists throwing gasoline onto the burning house. Just get in touch with the American people, we are out here standing for the Constitution, stand with us.

We are the people, party down and vote!! Primary votes now, November will be awesome… Come as you are Americans!

(and hey trollin Obots, ignore Kurt’s gun lyrics, they arent a secret code, lol. It is just a great tune we Gen X-ers like to listen to. ..)


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  1. ginaswo replied:

    thank you so much for your reply Dan, and for your perspective. Sadly I am 41. But I am originally from NYC so ya know, it likely takes longer for the deprogramming, lol. But my parents, God Bless my dad, a Marine and Vietnam vet, and my mom, struggling on Dad’s SS and pension.annuities, they were both GOP and rebelling seemed natural but I really always worried about other people being treated ‘fairly’.

    It was not until the 08 primaries when I turned to FOX trying to get anyone who would tell the truth about what was going on with Obamabots and Hillary winning and DNC stripping her of votes, well then I saw they really were fair and balanced.
    I am actually a card carrying member of the WWF, NRDC, name it Ive supported it, polar bear? check. wolves? check, wild horses? check, reducing carbon? check
    BUT i have this pesky need to LIVE, and for humanity to SURVIVE and prosper, nbot give up the plant to wildlife.
    I no longer support these issues or these groups, they are out of control, PS Obama did not save the wolves anyway, frakker.
    but anywho, hubby and I are wide awake now and we think we are DLC moderate Dems,. To be totally honest with you I love Big Dawg *WJC) I know I know, bad bad boy, but economy, great, capitalism, great, income growth, welfare reform, balanced budget, surplus. This is what I want. I want my kids safe, well fed and able to pursue their dreams. Obama initially put me off b/c of the way his campaign vindictively attacked HRC, every email from david plouffe was a saul alinsky playbook, they dehumanized her, and her supporters. Now they have turned that attentiopn first to Sarah Palin, whom I greatly admire, now to all we Tea Party Patriots, of which I am one. We were at the April 15th Phoenix tax day tea party and will be there again.
    The people are awake and millions of Dems had their eyes opened to media bias in our primaries in 08. I have total confidence in the American people,. Obama will lose in 2012 if they cannot get amnesty done. And I am confident we will take the House in 2010 to stop that from happening
    God Bless America@


  2. Ohio Dan replied:

    I suspect you are 20 or 30 something. Not saying that’s a bad thing. I wish I were in that range. I am pushing 60, hard. I am also glad your eyes have opened. I believed the things I was taught in school, ie Kennedy and FDR were great and such. That was the only framework I knew to work with. As the cost of FDR’s programs came home to roost. Social security took the responsibility from families for their parents and gave it to the government. JFK abandoned Cuban antiCastro forces on the beach. His penchant for running around on his wife. A number of things were out of balance with what I had been taught. I went to Vietnam and saw the way the left treated our very young servicemen. The stories of Jane Fonda in North Vietnam, all of this made me become a conservative. I was a young man trying to feed my family when Carter became president. Interest rates for homes were in the 14%+ range. Inflation was over 10%. We are headed back into the same morass. I’ve spent time in Cuba, Europe, South America, Japan, Vietnam and other places. I think we live in the greatest most free and prosperous country on Earth. Are we perfect? No but we have the ability and tendency to grow and become better. Socialism on the otherhand had been used to perpetrate some of the most heinous crimes on mankind in history. Nazi’s, often described as right wing, were the National Socialist German Workers Party.
    Mao and Stalin were Communists. Both governmental systems valued the greater good over individual rights. You have an open mind. That’s a good thing. I forget who or exactly how it was said but, If your under 30 and aren’t a liberal you have no heart. If your over 30 and aren’t a conservative, you have no mind. Good luck. Dan


  3. Ohio Dan replied:

    Your site name, Moderate in the Middle didn’t attract me initially as I expected a middle of the road approach to be its theme. I finally came out of a morbid curiosity. The recovering Democrat intro seems quite conservative and unabashedly patriotic. Color me confused. I will have to visit more often to get a feel for your website. Ohio Dan


    • ginaswo replied:

      I am a moderate Democrat. I thought I was a liberal for 22 years but the way the DNC behaved in 08 convinced me otherwise. best regards!


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