Obama to Double Down – tells NBC Cap and Trade and Amnesty are next, regardless of GOP opposition (or that of the people)…

They are taking us off a cliff. Clearly the demonization of the Tea Party as racist is deliberate to shut us up as he rams ahead full speed. I know the GOP didn’t like the Big Dawg, but WJC LISTENED TO THE PEOPLE. He SIGNED welfare reform. He moderated to comply with the will of the people.

Obama is doing what I expect any malignant narcissist with daddy issues would do – he is pushing ahead because he ‘knows best’ despite the opposition of the majority of the country and half the legislative branch.

We need to have EPIC WINS in November, completely wipe out the seats of the Democrats, because clearly they have broken our ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ as it were, lol.

The one where they give a flying frak about what the people want as demonstrated in polling and, you know, ELECTIONS (see Scott Brown, MASS, NJ, VA, and in a few short months national elections).

I have no doubt at this point he is going to try and ram through cap and trade and amnesty in the lame duck session. And I expect some impeachment action from the GOP when he does.

Since the GOP was mortally offended by Big Dawg’s lie about a bj, I want to see this passionate defense of the CONSTITUTION against a POTUS who acts like the man who would be king…

(PS Obama is doing more to rehabilitate Big Dawg ain’t he? betcha the GOPers cannot BELIEVE the difference b/w WJC and BHO huh? one is radical and ignores the Constitutional limitations of his office, and one had pecadilloes. THIS is what a person ruling without consent of the people looks like.)

THIS is what a POTUS looks like who is impeachable. Someone who ignores the will of the people. Is he there yet? No.

But if he carries out what he said in this NBC interview, then IMO that is what impeachment is for, an executive who disregards the will of the people. I’m no historian, or ‘constitutional law professor’ HA!! but I am confident John Locke, Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes would agree.

PS message for Juan Williams. Hey dude,  the NH ‘Dont Tread on Me’ Flag has jack sxxt to do with radical militias AFAIK. It is a Tea Party Patriot expression of our RIGHT TO BE GOVERNED WITH CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. It is part of our founding history.

Again, I am a 24 yr Democrat, registered D for 24 years, never miss an election, and I would PROUDLY fly that flag! In fact I am going to order one!


President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he would not be dissuaded from taking on new economic challenges after his healthcare reform victory, despite the prospect for continued Republican opposition.

“I will continually reach out to Republicans. I will continue to incorporate their ideas, even when they don’t vote for the ideas that I’ve presented,” he said in an interview with NBC’s “Today” show. “But what I’m not going to be dissuaded from is us going ahead and taking on these big challenges that are critical in terms of America’s long-term economic health.”

The president said specifically that it was important for Congress to move ahead with legislation on energy and immigration policy as well as financial regulatory reform.

“On each of these issues, I’m going to actively seek Republican support. But there are going to be areas where we disagree and I will continue to maintain a tone where if they’ve got good ideas I’m going to take them,” Obama said. “But if we disagree, then we’ll fight it out on the floor of the Senate and the House.”…

He said ‘fight it out’ there lamestream media. Get it? It is a Constitutional, political fight for our way of life, he has said it. He will not be deterred he says. Stop blaming us for being defensive, we will speak, FREELY, PASSIONATELY, WITH LOVE FOR OUR COUNTRY. And we will use our VOTES and our VOICES to take a stand.

and we can always GO GALT if they refuse to listen. Good luck spreading the wealth when none of us ‘earn’ anything for you to tax, lol.


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  1. Denny replied:

    Thanks for standing up and taking a stand for the Truth!



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