‘Paranormal Activity II’ vs. ‘Saw VII’ this Halloween- PA II wins it no contest….

Saw was a great idea, once or twice. But VII times? Especially after the last one, that anti insurance, Obamacare commercial they released in 2008 lol. Now Paranormal Activity II?, oh yeah I’ll see that. Lots of room there for more story. We lobbied HARD to get PA in wider distribution. See our many posts on PA here.


Paramount is committed to meeting the Oct. 22 release date for “Paranormal Activity 2,” which pits the sequel directly against “Saw VII 3D.” Move sets the stage for one of the biggest Halloween B.O. battles in recent times.”Saw VII” has already tried to bloody “Paranormal 2” once. Kevin Greutert was circling to direct “Paranormal 2” when Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures exercised an option requiring Greutert to direct the seventh installment in the “Saw” franchise.

“Paranormal 2” didn’t get a director until just last week, when Tod “Kip” Williams inked a deal to helm the pic. Williams is new to the horror genre, having directed indies “The Door in the Floor” and “The Adventures of Sebastian Cole.”

That left some wondering whether “Paranormal 2” would indeed be ready by Oct. 22.

Insiders involved with the film say that still leaves plenty of time to shoot and edit the sequel. Par and filmmakers are currently casting.

It’s unlikely the sequel could shoot in eight days, like the first “Paranormal Activity” — but the quickie shoot set a precedent for low-budget pics with high expectations.

“Paranormal Activity,” produced for roughly $15,000, became a runaway hit at the box office following an innovative viral-marketing campaign, grossing $107.9 million domestically and $84.8 million internationally for a worldwide total of $192.7 million.

…”Paranormal” grossed $21.1 million against $14.1 million for “Saw VI.” (full opening weekends I guess? MiM here – and how much did they spend making Saw VI?)

The next “Saw” will be the first in the franchise to play in 3D, which could give it an edge, though the last few installments have seen progressively lower B.O….

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Update: ABC renews ‘Castle’ for Season 3!! More Nathan Fillion hooray!

Hawt new promo!

Yay more Nathan Fillion!

CASTLE - "Wrapped Up in Death" - The investigation into the shocking death of a museum curator, crushed by a falling gargoyle, takes a bizarre turn when Castle and Beckett learn that he isn't the first member of a recent archeological expedition to die. It turns out there was a legend inscribed over the burial chamber the team unearthed warning that "all who gaze upon the face of the mummy are doomed." Was the curator just the latest victim of "The Mummy's Curse"? And if so, what does that mean for Castle, who snuck a peek at the mummy when no one was looking?, on "Castle," MONDAY, APRIL 5 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. (ABC/ADAM LARKEY) NATHAN FILLION

THR Live Feed:

Coming off last night’s series-high performance (MiM here – “Castle” (13.9 million, 3.5) dominated 10 p.m.), ABC has renewed ‘Castle” for 22 episodes.

In an unsurprising move, the network has given ABC Studios production a third season. The Nathan Fillion detective drama has been gathering strength on Monday nights, especially when paired with reality powerhouse “Dancing With the Stars.”

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