Bart Stupak D-MI packs it in…

He got ‘all wee-weed up’ and is getting out of Dodge ahead of an electoral smackdown by his constituents…reap the whirlwind baby…He is cutting and running ahead of a Tea Party movement to unseat him, MM covers it here


(Via The Business Insider) No question mark on this: Marc Armbinder’s first mention has been expanded upon here, and CBS News is now reporting it as well.  This should surprise nobody: we’ve been expecting this announcement since Wednesday.  Particularly since the Tea Party folks are going to – justifiably – claim at least the assist on this scalp*.

So… Stupak betrays the pro-life movement and his district, then quits rather than face the wrath of either.  And don’t weep for him: he’ll segue right into the comfortable life of a DC lobbyist, which means that he’ll probably get a pay raise and will certainly enjoy the remainder of his term, free from the nagging terror beginning to fill the lives of his Democratic colleagues.  Because you cannot trust a ‘conservative’ Democrat….

I agree with RedState that there is no conservative Democrat left in this Congress. I certainly haven’t seen one. Nary a sign of anyone I would call a ‘pro life Democrat’ either. That is a door that is closed IMO.

Evan Bayh was a moderate but he caved and voted with Pelosi Reid and Obama on HCR and he is on his way out the door…Hubby and I are voting GOP until we find a D with the courage of their convictions, maybe a decade before we see any DLC types that I can support again…

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