Dr. Who – The Eleventh Hour – American premiere tonight 9/8 C

Update: Variety review here

…Relative unknown Smith makes for a somewhat more traditional Doctor, perpetually distracted and cheerful, but also exhibits more than a touch of “Monty Python” in his abstemious physical comedy, hopping over fences and spewing mouthfuls of yogurt with a strange amount of dignity. Smith is the youngest actor to limn the role, though he doesn’t necessarily look it; he’s angular and weirdly ageless — at times it seems like an alien’s vision of a good-looking young man. Which is, of course, totally appropriate….

It was great, tune in to BBCAmerica tonight for the US premiere  (if you didn’t get to catch its brief appearance on youtube…)

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Deadpool and Friends at Wondercon 2010: Everybody Loves Deadpool…

Cover art - Deadpool Corps. No. 3 by Rob Liefeld

oh yeah. We need to do an intervention with Ryan Reynolds and tell him to stop signing on for more film parts until Deadpool is wrapped, lol!!


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Rolling Stones unaired ’72 cut ‘Plundered My Soul’ released…


Courtesy of legacied:

My slide-show of The Rolling Stones from 1971 to 1972, highlighting the promotion of Sticky Fingers, the making of Exile On Main Street and their American Tour 1972


A Rolling Stones song recorded in 1972 and forgotten for decades was released Saturday in a limited edition for Record Store Day in Britain.The day, which began in 2008 in the United States, celebrates independent record stores.

The Stones recorded “Plundered My Soul” for “Exile on Main Street,” the BBC reports. The song did not make the double album but was rediscovered recently when the group prepared for a reissue of “Exile.”…

Lyrics after the break:


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The Vampire Diaries ‘Miss Mystic Falls’ Sneak Peeks, Supernatural ‘Hammer of the Gods’ sneak peek…

Courtesy of theCW

I stumbled across a great live blog of TVD epis at LA Times of all places, here


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