Deadpool and Friends at Wondercon 2010: Everybody Loves Deadpool…

Cover art - Deadpool Corps. No. 3 by Rob Liefeld

oh yeah. We need to do an intervention with Ryan Reynolds and tell him to stop signing on for more film parts until Deadpool is wrapped, lol!!

While at wondercon, we took the chance to interview 3 former Deadpool Writers and 2 Deadpool Artists. We Also were able to get the video with the Creator of Deadpool himself, Rob Liefeld. Check it out

Courtesy of Deadpool & Friends

This year at Wondercon Marvel Executive-Editor Axel Alonso did a semi Deadpool oriented open-question panel with Shawn Crystal and Nick Dragotta. I tried to film only the Deadpool related questions and answers.


Rob Liefeld is used to hearing people yelling, “Daddy!” and giving him a big bear hug. That happens often with the comic artist’s three children, naturally, but also with loyal fans who dress up as his wisecracking mutant creation Deadpool at comic book conventions.

This past weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco while standing by an Image Comics table, he was tackled by a particularly exuberant Deadpool, one of about 12 he met within a few hours. And at last year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, where the Deadpool brigade probably has a numbers advantage now over Star Wars Stormtroopers, “there were tons of them,” Liefeld says. “My two sons and my daughter were like, ‘Why are they calling you Daddy?’ So I’m like, ‘Let’s talk about this later, kids…’ ”

Truthfully, Deadpool is a child of Liefeld’s — albeit a snarky, violent, antiheroic one who has a passion for Golden Girls, hassling the X-Men and breaking the “fourth wall” by chatting with comics readers. Nearly 20 years since the masked Marvel Comics character first appeared, Deadpool has enjoyed a resurgence of sorts in the past 18 months, with a series of variant covers earlier this year and a slew of regular monthly titles.

He’s in more comics than Spider-Man these days, with Deadpool, Deadpool Team-Up, Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool & Cable and Deadpool Corps, which debuted this week and features art by Liefeld.

That last one’s the craziest one of them all, as Deadpool goes on misadventures with Lady Deadpool, who’s insecure and has three voices going on inside her brain; Dogpool, a canine only Deadpool can understand; Kidpool, who might as well be the kids of South Park all blended into one pint-sized nuisance; and Headpool, the disembodied zombie head of a Deadpool from an alternate Earth….

Fave quote:

…”I don’t believe there’s a time he’s not going to be prominent because there’s nobody like him,” Liefeld says. “He’s not crying about anything. He didn’t lose his mommy and daddy outside a movie theater. His planet didn’t blow up. His parents didn’t drown like Aquaman. His uncle didn’t get shot like Spider-Man. He’s a good-time superhero ninja.”…

Good time superhero ninja, love it!

Courtesy of  crazycatcomics:

Industry Pioneer Rob Liefeld sat down with me after his signing at Frank & Sons 9.19.2009. Watch him talk about creating Deadpool & also Cable! He also elaborates a little on comics before he got his has into Marvel. Even after reminding me beforehand that he and his son were burned out from a long day, Rob still gave me 100% like a true professional. Thank you Rob, I’ll make it up to you somehow. All other content is owned and copyrighted by they’re respect owners. The purpose of this presentation is strictly for educational purposes only.

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