AZ utility to try and control customers air conditioning use…

yeah. remember when it was CRAZY! DERANGED! TINFOIL HAT! to suggest the electric companies would try to lower our a/c? well they are moving to do just that…get your hands off my thermostat you dirty utility!

Charlton says it sooo well, also they can have control of my a/c when they pry my thermostat out of my COLD, dead hands..


Arizona’s largest utility wants to see if residents will let the company take control of their air conditioners during the sizzling summers as long as it saves them some money.

Arizona Public Service Co. is proposing a test project to answer that question and put some customers’ thermostats in the utility’s hands.

If regulators approve the plan, APS will invite about 300 customers to volunteer for the test and other pilot projects in fall 2010.

During hot afternoons the following summer APS will be able to turn up their thermostats remotely or run their air conditioners in 20-minute intervals, alternating with other people on the plan.

Customers would be able to override the controls in case they didn’t want to participate on a given day (for now!– MiM)

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