happy town premiere tonight 10/9 C

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THR review

…This ain’t “Twin Peaks” or even “Picket Fences,” but the two echo in “Happy Town,” where nice people have not-nice things lurking under their surfaces and some not-so-nice people are among the most intriguing.

Henley has an agenda beyond making candles, and though the boardinghouse biddies she lives among flutter the moment the one man of the house shows up, it’s clear that Merritt Grieves (owner of a dimly lit movie-memorabilia shop) has more going on than his “eternally dashing” demeanor indicates. After all, he’s Sam Neill, who once played the Antichrist. The moment he shows up, things get very good, indeed.

“Town’s” premise remains an enigma at the end of its first episode; there are a lot of introductions to be made and not so much time for plot. Is the bogeyman called “The Magic Man” returning? What’s on the forbidden third floor of the boardinghouse? And who is Chloe, a name so powerful the sheriff (whose station house is quite well-staffed for a town with no crime) babbles it all day before doing something unspeakable to himself?…

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