Referendum on Puerto Rican statehood moves forward…

Update: AP at HA has the scoop on House passage and changes to the bill

FOX ticker shows it has passed Congress.

Coverage of the proposals, the way the voting seems skewed to approval without a majority of the people voting yes, kinda like joining the EU lol,  here and here

…Puerto Rico’s Commonwealth status is kind of an odd arrangement, but Puerto Ricans have refused several offers of statehood over the years. They overwhelmingly prefer commonwealth status (about 70% see it favorably) and consider it the “best of both worlds….

I have not been to PR in 10 years but when we lived in NY we were able to visit several times and it was beautiful. I think I would want to stay commonwealth, I dunno I wouldn’t want the hassle from the Federal Government, and as a commonwealth PR can enjoy much of the benefits of being tight with us without too much of the hassle it seems. For instance is PR forced to have health insurance under Obamacare?

and can I give a shout out to the NYC boricua and el Coqui?

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