Update: 99 House seats ‘vulnerable’ in midterms….


Not for nuthin’ but the entire’ it’s a reference to Guy Fawkes!’ crap was such a reach…as if GOP voters everywhere went ahhh Guy Fawkes when they saw the ad, lol!! Betcha Ratigan and Tweety had NO CLUE who Guy Fawkes was til they read the journOlist WH tip sheet on how to respond to the ad..

I was a history major with a love of British history and I could not believe the lengths the media went to to make a connection that was not there…although if you want to dissect the Guy Fawkes Day they have in Britain, the Brits do have a problem with we ‘Papists’,  heh. Must be their projection over their own guilt about the genocides they launched against the Irish Catholics eh? Anywho the Brits still celebrate hanging Guy Fawkes each year, they burn him in effigy, real peace lovers those Brits…for the record it was a Catholic! who warned King James and Parliament of the gunpowder plot saving the entire government…but Prince William still cannot marry a nice Catholic girl and be King of England….

this is an ad about VOTING….they only had to go back 400 yrs to find something to whine about in this video, lol….spin lamestream spin like the wind…

And they will all go GOP in November…so say we all….

HotAir has it:

…Jim Geraghty of National Review’s Campaign Spot looks at the 435 contests in the upcoming midterms and finds 99 potential wins for the GOP, which would make this one of the most significant midterms in decades…

Here in the AZ05 Dave Schweikert is looking to pick up the Mitchell seat.. We have our lawn sign up already

Harry Mitchell, Arizona: The second-term Mitchell faces a likely rematch with well-funded challenger in David Schweikert, former state lawmaker and former treasurer of Maricopa County, in a district scored R+5 in the Cook PVI….

...adopt a candidate if your seat is not in play and make a difference come November :0)




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