Market Mover Wednesday: Greece

DOW opens down  100 as Greek strikes and mayhem spread in face of austerity measures demanded by EU IMF for bailout..WSJ reports 3 dead in Greek bank fire.

Job numbers from ADP showed a gain of 32k private sector jobs, tomorrow weekly data and Friday monthly data.

TPTB in the US hopefully see that spending like mad to rescue banks and buy off labor while sticking it to the people is NOT the way to go. Americans are not used to demonstrating but the Tea Parties broke through a cultural ‘norm’ and we in the middle are quite comfortable speaking out now.

I do not know how TPTB expect to launch an austerity program and VAT a la Greece on us while spending like mad. People are already pixxed. Do you think if European nations had the second amendment they could have avoided this collapse?

Is this where TPTB want to see the US go?If not, why do they keep expanding labor unions power when we have no money?

Would TPTB be more careful collapsing the economy if they knew the people could defend themselves? God Bless America. God Bless the founding fathers who gave us the right to protect ourselves.


May 5, 2010. Tags: , , , . Economy, Labor Department, Obama Administration, Politics, Popular Culture.

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  1. σχολη χορου replied:

    During the strikes and the protest against the enemies of the Greek people tree innocent people died, nothing more can be said right now.


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