UK Election results…

Uh oh-‘Britain wakes up to hung parliament’, Gordon Brown is trying to cut a deal with Clegg and keep his seat PM job, unreal, and Stirling is dropping on the news.

Update:8:22pm EST: CNBC reporting UK projections give conservative party a majority wide enough to govern, and they can begin to close the 250b budget hole.

Update: 7:07pm EST: 538 liveblogging the results here. Lots of muttering that the exit polls are way off and Labour will do worse than forecast.

also some reports of SHENANIGANS!! at the polls from, linky below.

(…)There have been angry scenes at polling stations across the country as voters have been unable to vote sue to queues and issues with ballot papers. Voters in Sheffield have attempted to prevent ballot boxes from reaching the count….

Tim Montgomerie TheCorner: will be a good place for impartial coverage of the results, and my ConservativeHome site will be cheering for the Conservatives throughout the night…

Exit Polls from TheCorner:

Seat predictions:

Conservatives: 307

Labour: 255

Liberal Democrats: 59

Others: 29

This puts the Conservatives 19 short of an overall majority.

I hope Cameron wins with a majority to make the tough calls needed to save the British economy from the crazy spending and political ‘correctness’ that seems to have swallowed the whole British culture.

I also hope we have the same good luck and ability to do the cutting we need to do here in the US. We need to Stop the massive increases in spending ASAP, November cannot come soon enough :0)

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  1. lol replied:

    Hm, I see you have a copyrighted video on your blog. That is, of course, copyright infringement and one of your three strikes according to the Digital Economy Act, passed jointly by Labour and the Tories while ignoring the British public.

    Basically, ha ha you are wrong. All our major parties and totally and utterly corrupt, and a Tory government will make no difference.


    • ginaswo replied:

      and the world could end manyana but we would still try to stop it, hopefully you will not be in charge :0)
      in the US I think you would be a libertarian
      good luck, the UK needs to cut spending even more than we do!


    • ginaswo replied:

      PS All the videos are public use in the US :0)


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