Supernatural Season Finale ‘Swan Song’ Sneak Peek 2

I love the way the writers built out the 5 year arc and I LOVE the way they are living up to the apocalyptic showdown. Jensen Ackles has been giving some really powerful performances and I hope Swan Song gives Jared Padalecki a chance to let his Sammy shine..

And I really love that we are getting a Season 6, CW is the best network at this point, they reward their fan base and create loyalty, fer realz. FOX, ABC observe Dawn Ostroff at CW and learn!

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Twofer Tuesday: Silver

Silver on an absolute tear today! over $19!

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THR: Matthew Fox talks LOST Finale

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h/t THR Live Feed

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ABC kills happy town after only 2 episodes, will air canned eps in summer…

unreal. They didn’t even give it a chance. Breaking the 2 hour pilot into two episodes was a HUGE mistake, it didn’t give a finished feeling to the premiere and left off the big hook.

What a shame.


After this week, ABC is pulling “Happy Town” from its schedule for the rest of the month/season.

The decision comes after two episodes have aired of the Wednesday night show, which dropped 29% for its second week to a decidedly unhappy 1.2 adult demo rating. ABC will air another episode Wednesday night, then burn off the remaining five episodes starting June 2.

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Senate passes revised smaller Fed Audit bill 96-0


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Oil Spill Hearing on the Hill: BP, Transocean & Halliburton testify…

Everyone doing their best ‘it ain’t me’ impression…

CNBC livestream covering the hearing here, in a recess right now

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A Taste of True Blood miniep 3 Sneak Peek

See full mini episode here!

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Gooooold! Market futures pull back as EMU bailout hype fades, Gold hits 6 month high $122…

WSJ reports on the fade the market is experiencing, (Dow futures down 80, 2 mins ahead of opening bell) as traders realize it is all downhill from here, the EU states now have to get the bailout ratified…and they have no mechanism for deciding what state gets what, when in exchange for what austerity.

…The nearly $1 trillion rescue package from the European Union and International Monetary Fund “addresses the short-term needs of funding costs, [but] it doesn’t actually do anything to address the underlying problems,” said Michael Hewson of CMC Markets in London. “It’s just sticking a band aid on a gaping wound.”…

…Credit-default swaps on Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland tightened for a second day. The market “is still digesting the impact of yesterday’s bailout. It has bought time…but there are still doubts on whether the peripheral countries can deliver on austerity,” said Gavan Nolan, vice president of credit research at Markit….

It is like TARP all over again but they do not have Hank, Tim and Ben free to do as they will. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, lol….

Goooooold! You know what that means…

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