Update: Message from Team Rubio: May 12th is Shameless Politicians Day!

Update: the new video from Team Rubio h/t Ed at HA

Charlie Crist came out today and refused to return GOP donors money now that he has abandoned the pretense of running on a party ticket and is openly running for himself.

…A couple hours before Crist officially becomes an NPA voter, campaign spokeswoman Michelle Todd said there will be no refunds. Asked if that amounts to a flip-flop, she said, “We have never made an official statement before. It is now the official statement. They donated to the Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate Campaign and it’s still the Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate Campaign.”…

Please consider giving to the Rubio Campaign if you can. The last thing America needs in D.C. is another man with a tan and no economic plan.

Team Rubio sent out an email this evening:

Each year, we come together to celebrate significant events: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Groundhog Day.  But did you know that today, May 12th, is “Shameless Politician Day” here in Florida?

It was one year ago today that Charlie Crist put his finger into the political wind and formally kicked off his campaign for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate. He didn’t really have a rationale for running other than the fact that he could. Back then, he was the runaway favorite to win the campaign. He had a gazillion dollars and just as many friends in DC!  All he had to do was empathize, compromise, and hug his way to victory. But as you may recall, that strategy didn’t work out so well.

The so-called “Stimulus” that Crist campaigned for failed miserably to create the jobs he promised.  And Florida’s unemployment hit record levels after he hiked taxes by billions and tried to impose a cap-and-trade plan on Florida. So Charlie took a poll and morphed from the happy warrior into the angry warrior with a multi-million dollar smear campaign against Marco.

But over a million dollars later, all that spending worked out about as well for him as the $787 billion he helped waste did. So what did Charlie do?

He took another poll, put himself first, abandoned the Republican Party, and officially put the “I” in independent.

This brings us to today – Shameless Politician Day.  Today, exactly one year to the day that he first kicked off his campaign, Charlie Crist made it official and formally changed his party registration to Independent. So now you know the story of how “Shameless Politician Day” came to be.

There’s a way you can help celebrate “Shameless Politician Day.”  Instead of flowers or candy, the customary gift is a donation to the clear conservative alternative who will put an end to the shamelessness as usual.

But all kidding aside, as Charlie Crist makes his latest switch official, we are asking you to help us send a serious and important message: Principles do matter.  And having the courage to stand by them – whether it is popular or not – is to be celebrated, not abandoned. So take your stand today and help us make Charlie’s shameless switch, his last one.

Team Rubio

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