LOST scoop on tonight’s episode ‘What They Died For’

LOST - The Last Supper

Courtesy of EW’s Jeff Jensen:

(…)There’s one more significant event happening this week in advance of the series finale, maybe the most significant event of all: tonight’s penultimate episode of Lost! It’s called “What They Died For.” Let me tell you three things about it (SPOILER ALERT!):

1. It picks up where “The Candidate” left off two weeks ago. 2. The title would seem to suggest that someone will explain why Jin, Sun and Sayid had to die two weeks ago — and someone will do just that. 3. For an episode with such an ominous title, and one that ratchets up the tension and stakes in advance of the finale, “What They Died For” is a surprisingly funny outing. How do I know this?

Because as I explained in last Friday’s Doc Jensen column, I got a chance to see the episode last week. Click over there for a more expansive preview and a few additional teases about the episode….

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