Economy: Hillary stresses importance of US Exports in Shanghai

Update: Politico has a headline piece up on what they call the Gates-Clinton Axis:

…Gates, known inside the White House as “Yoda,” is unquestionably the most powerful member of the Obama Cabinet — the only one with the muscle to push back. Clinton, meanwhile, is the most popular, her approval ratings cruising well above Obama’s own. An alliance is good for each of them.

Clinton saves Gates from political isolation as a Republican in a Democratic administration and has signed on to a policy agenda he has set, adding her voice to his demands for more troops and her department’s civilian resources to the war in Afghanistan.

Gates, who has long signaled an eagerness to retire, just launched what appears to be his final initiative, a tough push to scale back the Pentagon’s gargantuan bureaucracy. Clinton, with her hawkish image and ties to Gates and to military brass, would be his most logical successor — and some of her most senior allies have begun quietly to float the notion…

Some critics of Obama’s policy, though, see the two hawks as having pulled the president to the right. The two were particularly instrumental in making the case internally for an Afghan troop surge, and they were close enough to sell it jointly, appearing together on television to defend the plan.

Just last week, Clinton and Gates testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to validate the administration’s commitment to modernize the nation’s nuclear arsenal, and to preserve the ability to design new warhead components if needed.

The administration’s stance was a victory for Gates, as the Pentagon appears to have fought hard to keep the nuclear capacity — reportedly over the objections of other members of the administration’s inner circle, including Vice President Joe Biden…

Well that would be great HRC as SoD if Obama listened to her. Iron fist and spine has Hillary. I would sleep better at night. But Sam Powers and Axelrasputin will isolate her IMO the way they tried to do already it is only her strong partnership with gates that has her in the loop now it would seem and that is because they likely recognize each other as the sane people in the room.

I am deathly afraid Team O will ask her to run as his VEEP for Term 2, and then I would have to vote against a ticket with HRC’s name on it. Because even with Hillary I wouldn’t give Obama another term to tear us down. FREE HILLARY!


Look someone in Team Obama is actually trying to implement the export policy long promised.The media won’t cover it, they only cover Hillary if she makes a gaffe.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visits the Boeing Maintenance Facility at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport to promote U.S. aviation exports to China in Shanghai, China May 23, 2010. [Go to for text transcript and more video.]]

Alert Bill O’Reilly who was whining about HRC discussing the GIANT deficit as a weakness for us in foreign policy on 60 Minutes, (as she also did in her prepared remarks to the Senate in her recent testimony). Any idiot, cough, can see that our reliance on China to buy our endless, escalating debt issuance leaves us unable to press forward on Iran and No Korea security threats.

God Bless her but with the US Dollar rising against the collapsing Euro I don’t see how we can get exports to the 30% target Obama keeps rambling on about. We need Plan B. We need it like 18 months ago. These geniuses on Obama’s economic A team are epic fail. Next.

More Hillary in China:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton In offers remarks during a dinner in honor of the U.S.A. Pavilion sponsors and others who helped develop the U.S.A. Pavilion in the 2010 Shanghai Expo in Shanghai, China May 22, 2010, [Go to for text transcript and more video.]


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