BP Oil Spill: Frustrated Parish President says ‘no leadership..no action..permit for barrier being held’ as disaster washes in with the tide…

Courtesy of BayouBuzz:

After BP oil has been found in the marshes of the parish, a frustrated Louisiana Parish President, Billy Nungesser, is interviewed after a press conference at Venice Louisiana on May 23.

Nungesser, in responding to questions from Bayoubuzz.com said the U.S. Coast Guard Commandant, Thad Allen, could step up take better control of the oil spill operation which has resulted in oil-affected lands.

Nungesser criticized Allen, a top BP official and others. He said something stinks, claimed that they were told to hold that permit up for some reason in referring to an emergency permit to build a barrier. Nungesser also said, its criminal, they ought to go to jail. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE.

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Horror: ‘The Last Exorcism’ Trailer

Courtesy of ABCScope

Releases August 27, 2010

Produced by Eli Roth, more here from Yahoo Movies

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Twofer Tuesday: The Vampire Diaries – Ian and Nina & Kevin Williamson talks about the season finale…

I miss the show already, can’t wait for next season. Good news is Moonlight will be running with TVD repeats over the summer…

Courtesy of the CW

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Housing: the double-dip is here – Case Shiller Home Prices Edge Down

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Courtesy of CNBC:

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index posted a 0.5 percent drop from February. Prices in 13 of the 20 cities tracked by the index fell month over month. David Blitzer, S&P 500 Index Committee chairman, discusses the data with CNBC

more about “Home Prices Edge Down“, posted with vodpod

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True Blood – minisode 5 – ‘Bill’

Courtesy of HBO

Awww Bill looks kewt and sensitive and loyal and makes me want to switch to Team Bill, but Eric…ROWRRRR

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Update 2: ‘He (Obama) needs to take a valium…

Update 2: Oh no you didn’t!

…”He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans,” Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., told reporters. “He’s pretty thin-skinned….

…The president walked into a remarkably contentious 80-minute session Tuesday in which GOP senators accused him of duplicity, audacity and unbending partisanship. Lawmakers said the testy exchange left legislative logjams intact, and one GOP leader said nothing is likely to change before the November elections….

More from FOX:

…bipartisanship was not what Sen. Bob Corker, R-TN, had on his mind. For months, he has railed against what he called White House interference in bipartisan financial regulatory reform negotiations, in which the senator was deeply involved. And Tuesday, he said he let Obama have it.

“I told him I thought there was a degree of audacity in him even showing up today after what happened with financial regulation,” Corker recounted to reporters after the meeting. “I asked him how he was able to reconcile that duplicity, coming in today to see us.”…

Awww poor Obama says he feels ‘pressure from his left’, cry me a river! Americans feel pressure from the EVER-EXPANDING DEBT HE IS PILING ONTO US…

…Sen. Sam Brownback, R-KS, said Republicans conveyed to Obama that they feel that everything, especially health care and financial reform, has been “as far left as it can be,” to which the President noted that he was experiencing an inordinate amount of “pressure from my left.” Brownback said the President repeated this sentiment “several times.”…

Thin skin:

…One senator even took notes, showing them to reporters afterward. “I just kept writing ‘thin skin, thin skin, thin skin’,” Sen. Pat Roberts, R-KS, noted to reporters, saying Obama got “a warm reception at first.”

Roberts said Obama was not able to take constructive criticism, adding that when Obama gets upset he “tends to lecture.”…


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Meg Whitman still way ahead of Poizner in Cali Gov primary race…

Another one who may not be as red as the right may like, but who can beat the Dem. And Jerry Brown needs to be beaten like a rug on a clothesline.

Even Axelrasputin has embraced Rahm’s policy of recruiting conservaDems to try and hold seats, the GOP needs to win the battle so we can fight the war and restore the economy from 2010 to 2012, or at least hold the line on the destruction the Democratic spending tsunami has wrought.

CQ Political Wire:

A new Public Policy Polling survey in California shows Meg Whitman (R) with a big lead over over Steve Poizner (R) in the Republican primary for governor, 51% to 26%.

One poll showed the race tightening a couple weeks ago, but it appears to have been an outlier.

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Carly for Cali: her ‘core principles’ – NO NEW TAXES – (Peeps, I think we have a winner!)

I think Carly can beat Boxer and DeVore can’t. As blue as Massachusetts is Cali. We need Carly for the win IMO.

Courtesy of taxreformer:

Carly Fiorina, a U.S. Senate candidate in California, discusses one of her core principles on Fox Business News: her decision to sign the No New Taxes Pledge. Fiorina is one of two candidates in U.S Senate race to unequivocally stand on the side of taxpayers by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform.

Carly’s positions on taxes and spending stand in stark contrast to that of her primary opponent Tom Campbell. Campbell has repeatedly refused to sign the Pledge and has a questionable record at best. He’s called for a number of tax hikes over the last several years as a candidate for governor and Senate.

For more information on the Pledge, Carly Fiorina, and/or Tom Campbell, please visit www.atr.org.

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