Market: Shaken not stirred- DOW opens down 280

Update: Market miraculously* came back to close down a mere 25. this was only a test of the emergency Plunge Protection Team, -for now- who knows when TPTB will let the markets fall? the Shadow Inventory knows, Muuhuuuuhaaaaaaa!

Shellacked, that’s what’s happenin’ to folks still in, gettin shellacked..CNBC cohosts want us to know it has ‘stabilized;’ ROTFLMAO and is now down a mere 205, nincompoops! Sell in May, go away, far, far, away!

52 mins to the close of Euro markets. FHFA claims home prices are up, take that with a load of salt before the Feds confiscate it, Consumer Confidence is up, lol, and we are selling off anyway. No data is believable anymore.I don’t care anymore if TPTB are trying to scare Critters in FINREG conference or if Euro markets are taking us down, we retail investors are allllready gone!

Gee maybe some of us think the Critters and their proposed 165B bailout of union pensions and 200b bailout of teachers and states is DRAGGING US OFF A DAMN CLIFF!!

PS Gold is back at 1200….Oil back under 69 and 10 yr is all the way down to the 08 yield at crisis levels – 3.15%

Hang on Sloopy.

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