Memo to GOP: on Sestak, don’t make a Federal case out of it…

Dear GOP,

Please focus on the issues Americans are absolutely beside ourselves over: jobs, out of control D.C. spending, millions of barrels of oil flowing into the Gulf, national security-  the mirandizing of terrorists, attempts to close Gitmo, arbitrary political AfPak withdrawal dates, NoKo and Iranian belligerence, and now energy policy with all drilling stopped GAS WILL SKYROCKET, cap and trade…

Please DO NOT waste your time, money and voter enthusiasm on Sestak and Big Dawg.

Americans know this political quid pro quo happens all the time, period. Attempting to criminalize politics will lose the good will of millions just like me, a lifetime Dem outraged over the way D.C. is governing, (or the way they are FAILING to govern) over real issues that affect all our lives.

Joe Sestak does not effect the lives of millions of Americans. IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!

Please take a page from 1998, the people did not care if the GOP was ‘right’, we kept telling you to STOP THE IMPEACHMENT and you kept ignoring us and you were swept at the election.


If the GOP goes off on a wild tangent with this Sestak Big Dawg thing you will be proving you are NOT SERIOUS ABOUT GOVERNING AND CORRECTING THE COURSE Obama and the Democratically controlled congress has put us on.

Show Americans like me that the GOP will not spend millions and all its time to follow Darryl Issa R-CA down a rabbit hole to prove something all Americans know goes on all the time while our country is sliding off a frakkin fiscal cliff!

Act like grownups. Govern, don’t go on a political payback crusade.

Issa is WAAAAY OFF BASE with where Americans are on this. Listen, no one was more upset than me when Hillary kept getting ENORMOUS POLITICAL PRESSURE by SITTING DEM SENATORS and such to DROP OUT OF THE PRIMARY RACE.

THAT was criminal also according to the same law you are pointing to now. But despite Charlie Rangel calling Hill and telling her (the way I hear it), that if she did not drop out he would pull all her AA support in NYC and she would lose her Senate seat, well that WAS criminal too and noone did jack. Because these are the big leagues and that is how it works.. It is the way it is and it didn’t effect Americans lives (IMO it did we are stuck with O b/c of those toolz but I digress). It is the way it is.

Please get BACK TO WORK on what MATTERS to the American people (the voters!).

Focus on the SPENDING, the lack of JOBS! THE GULF!

May 30, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Politics.

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