Primary Night – AL, NM – Susana Martinez wins GOP Gubernatorial primary…

Update 2: More from 538:

NM: … Rove-Backed Candidate Loses to Latina In GOP Guv Primary

Update: all the buzz from the lamestreams was about Artur Davis D-GA making history and no one mentioned a word about the ‘history’ Susana Martinez DID make tonight, h/t Sabato for finding it. We Tea Party folks just dig her cuz she’s awesome :0)


Apparently, Susana Martinez (R-NM) is 1st Hispanic woman nominated for Governor by either party–all 50 states. Just checked list.

The big ‘upset’ is Artur Davis D-GA got wiped by Sparks.

Gov Palin endorses Susana Martinez R-NM for Governor

A race I was watching in NM, has Martinez easily picking up the nomination for Governor for the GOP. She will be running against Democrat Lt Gov. Denish. Martinez came out strongly for enforcement of illegal immigration laws. She was also endorsed by Sarah and it sounds like it made a difference :0)

2 weeks ago:

…On the same day the Albuquerque Journal released a poll showing Martinez in a virtual tie with Allen Weh, the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate offered her support to Martinez….

In a speech that hit on many Republican tent pole issues, Palin highlighted three major issues in New Mexico, ethics reform, the budget and corruption.

For the crowd, the event was not only a chance to hear Palin, but to also to find out more about Martinez, the Doña Ana County District Attorney, who was dismissed as a “regional candidate” earlier in the race….

Politico has its Election Returns banner up.


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