Want to help Gulf Coast wildlife, environment rescue with donation but how?

Update: This is the only info we have so far and it is not enough:


ask your Senator to call BP – secure.oxfamamerica.org

BP Volunteer Hotline

866-448 -5816

Does anyone know how people can make a donation to help fund wildlife rescues/land-water cleanup for the Gulf Coast?

I do not want to send money to NRDC or WWF (although I was long a member of both). I do not want funds comingled with lobbying dollars or ad dollars.

I KNOW other Americans, and probably people around the world want to DO SOMETHING to help!

Why hasn’t Obama set up a rescue fund like we did for the Tsunami in Indonesia and for Katrina Aid , and for Haiti?

Where are the Celebrities and Musicians?

Why is everyone WATCHING this like a slow-motion wreck and not ACTING..NOW?

Why is Team Obama sitting back and not doing ANY donor coordination as it does in ANY OTHER DISASTER? (TN flooding was ignored too for some reason). It is so frustrating every time they come out and speak and don’t give us anyway to HELP.

I do not have much but I want to send something to TRY AND HELP.

Please someone with contacts in LA, someone running a wildlife rescue, please we need a Twitter address or txt number and web site to go to to donate to a place where we KNOW the funds are going DIRECTLY to rescue the wildlife, reclaim the land/water.

I find it APPALLING that Obama is apparently leaving it all to BP. BP is a corporation, they are doing what they can, but all their focus is on stopping the leak. Great we need that but we also need to be acting to MITIGATE the damage ourselves.

It is the LEADERSHIP role of the POTUS to do what we can to rally the American people to help.

Please let us help.

It is IMO OUR responsibility to save the wildlife and land/sea NOW. Therefore it is Obama’s responsibility to coordinate it.

And God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living animal that moveth upon the earth.

Perhaps it feels so wrenching because we see birds and sealife as having such FREEDOM.

To fly in endless skies, to swim in seas that cover the Earth.

And now they are trapped and grounded by this black death of sludge and tar.

God Bless the Gulf Coast.

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  1. Maria replied:

    Please help spread the word to Save Our Gulf! Buy a Save Our Gulf T-shirt, proceeds benefit Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.


  2. Caitlyn and Maria Toth replied:

    We are two teenage girls who are spending our summer collecting donations of Dawn to send to the Gulf. We have lined up a rescue organization to send it to, a freight company to take a tractor trailer filled to them, and have received nationwide media coverage. What started out to be what we thought would be a local collection has blossomed nationwide.

    We have contacted DAWN (P&G) several with requests ranging from recognizing our efforts (which are increasing their profits SUBSTANTIALLY) or matching our contribution. All we get back is automated messages.

    Please spread the word and message our Facebook page is sending – Help Us Help The Gulf Wildlife. And P&G, we still challenge you to match our collection!!



    • ginaswo replied:

      Thank you ladies!!! God Bless you for the awesome work you are doing!!! will spread the word!!


  3. wendy Lisa Fraser replied:

    so angry and shocked at what is and isn’t being done down south …get on it! These BP corporate criminals are not doing much other than image control trying to make them selves look busy doing something. Sick thinking about all the damage they’ve created!!


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