Awesome! Blanche beats Halter!! Primary Night – Heartache Tonight

Update 7: Excellent, Daniel Foster at TheCorner picks up the Big Dawg point:

They’re calling it for Sen. Blanche Lincoln in her runoff against Lt. Governor Bill Halter. She’ll face Rep. John Boozman (R) in November’s general election. The lesson here seems to be that Bill Clinton beats union money.

Make NO mistake this is an EPIC LOSS for big labor and the far left. they spent MILLIONS to try and show they had juice and FAILED. the DLC rools and the neoprogs drool

Update 6: 10:59pm: YES Blanche wins!! Whoomp there it is baby! Out of the gate Brett Baier notes Big Dawg still has juice, yeah baby.

PS MiM is Jedimom on many blog comment threads too just FYI….

Update 5: I thought Nikki just needed a ‘majority’ not 50%, with a 27% gap in these two candidates I think paying for ANOTHER run off is sick and the GOP should give it to her:

SC Gov: AP calls runoff with 91% of precincts reporting… Haley takes 49%, Barrett 22%. They’ll meet in 2 weeks.

Update 4: Some clips of Big Dawg out for Blanche early and often:

I hope Blanche beats Halter like a rented mule and SEIU leadership grinds their teeth in frustration. Karmic boomerang baby. November is gonna be surreal, my schadenfreude will runneth over as the DLC wing of the party is vindicated when the GOP absolutely sweeps the Obama ‘progressive’ led Congress.

Update 3: 9:36pm Nikki is pulling away with it! and Blanche is holding on and gaining big on her last primary numbers…

Sean Trende at RCP:

here’s the AR-Sen link:

From May in case you want to compare:

15 of 46 Counties Reporting

Percent Votes
Gresham Barrett (REP)
21.15% 27,631
Andre Bauer (REP)
9.58% 12,516
Nikki R Haley (REP)
49.68% 64,897
Henry McMaster (REP)
19.59% 25,588

Update 2: 9:04pm EST: RCP is live blogging the results here. Early AR results have Blanche ahead, yay! And Nikki is pulling in 45% so far, close….SC election results coming in here

Politico has the ‘LIVE results’ header up and ready

Update: From Nikki Haley’s Twitter :

Stay tuned to, we will be broadcasting live later

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