Torchwood Returns! Season 4 with Captain Jack, Gwen and Russell T. Davies..


CCA has it:

A fourth series of Torchwood has been officially announced. Although it had been all-but confirmed by comments made to the press by star John Barrowman and several of the show’s producers, the BBC has now greenlighted development of 10 new episodes to be broadcast next summer.

Barrowman will return as Captain Jack Harkness along with Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, the two surviving members of the original team introduced in season one. Series creator Russell T. Davies is also returning as the program’s executive producer along with Julie Gardner.

…the new season of Torchwood will bring the team to Los Angeles and other parts of the world — and possibly off of it. “Whereas previously with Torchwood stories were confined to the U.K., and sometimes a specific area of the U.K., now we’ve got an opportunity to set the stories in part in the U.K., in part in the U.S., and occasionally we will go to other places in the world as well,” Tranter commented.

Starz has agreed to be a co-producer and pick up the broadcast of Torchwood season four for American audiences….

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