UN votes to impose new round of sanctions on Iran, Turkey and Brazil vote no..

Bloomberg has it:

The United Nations Security Council voted to impose new sanctions on Iran that restrict financial transactions, tighten an arms embargo and authorize the seizure of cargo linked to its nuclear or missile programs.The 15-nation Security Council voted 12 to 2, with one abstention, to adopt a resolution that freezes the assets of 40 companies, banks and government agencies, and bars the foreign travel of Javad Rahiqi, head of a branch of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Turkey and Brazil voted against the measure, and Lebanon abstained from the vote….

…The new round of penalties, the fourth set of sanctions imposed on Iran by the Security Council, is aimed at blocking Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons and pressuring the country to join international talks….


June 9, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . Armed Forces, Obama Administration, Pentagon, Politics, Terrorism.

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