Eric Holder has the Smuggler’s Blues ~ Team Obama *reacts* without *facts* again, calls shooting of Mexican smuggler by Border Patrol acting in self-defense a ‘tragedy’..

This Administration has a GIANT BLIND spot. It is the same thing they did with the Gaza Flotilla self-defense killings, Obama called it ‘tragic’. How is defending yourself  ‘tragic’?

Now on the US-Mexican border in Texas, a border patrol agent defending himself killed a Mexican smuggler who was on the MOST WANTED list for smuggling, who was deported 5 times in the past.

American FBI agents had guns pulled on them by Mexican Troops when they were trying to investigate the shooting on the border. The Border Patrol wants the videos released to prove they acted in self-defense. FBI and Justice are not releasing the video yet.

…A U.S. official close to the investigation told the AP that authorities have a video showing that the Border Patrol agent did not cross into Mexico. In fact, the official said, the video shows what appear to be members of Mexican law enforcement crossing onto the U.S. side, picking something up and returning to Mexico. The official was not cleared to speak about the video and spoke only on condition of anonymity.

Alejandro Pariente, Chihuahua state’s regional deputy attorney general, said the U.S. Border Patrol has given him video which he is reviewing. He declined to describe it except to say that it has sped up the investigation….

But Eric Holder came out today and called the ’14 yr old’s killing tragic’. Nothing about how he is a MOST WANTED Smuggler operating at will across our border next to Ciudad Juarez where so many have been murdered in the past few years.

…Huereka was charged with alien smuggling in 2009, according to sources who requested anonymity. Further details were not immediately available.

“He is a known juvenile smuggler,” a source told Fox News. He was also on a “most wanted” list of juvenile smugglers compiled by U.S. authorities in the El Paso area, sources said….

This Administration has ONE MODE – Blame those defending themselves and praise those invading. Whether it is Israel’s border or the one on the Southwest, Team Obama will not back up people trying to protect themselves.

Weak. They better protect our agent from extradition. Maybe Janet can tell Mexicans and the Border Patrol how SAFE the border is some more, she seems to think that is itself a form of security.


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