True Blood Season Premiere Ratings Soar, up 38% over S2…

Couldn’t find ANY really good economic data today (and tomorrow home sales data should be sheer awful), but hey True Blood’s ratings were way up! Do the coming Cantor Fitzgerald movie futures cover Cable shows?! We could make a killing…

THR Live Feed:

HBO’s third season “True Blood” premiere drew 5.1 million viewers Sunday night. That’s up 38% from the season two opener, plus up 19% from the season two average performance. If you add the 1.3 million viewers from the 11 p.m. replay, “Blood” wound up with 6.4 million viewers.

Now, this is not an all-time high for the show, which has crested 5.3 million for a single airing in the past. But “True Blood” typically gathers ratings strength over the course of its season…

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  1. moviegeek23 replied:

    No Ginaswo, it is NOT possible.

    Are you familiar with the contract specifics for these products offered by the Trend Exchange?

    They will settle based on the opening weekend BOX OFFICE receipts. You know that, right?

    Therefore, any TV show, whether it is on regular tv, cable, satellite, or on demand, can never be listed under these contracts.


    • ginaswo replied:

      well moviegeek where there is a will there is a way,but i bow to your superior knowledge base. sadly we will not be able to do ANY of the above, since the Dems latest deal kills the Cantor Fitz plan dead in its tracks. sigh. hey I had TWX stock to cover my liking of HBO but Dick Parsons ran it into the ground, and it is a giant conglomerate with holdings I do not think will do well. Same with GE having UNI, short of buying IMAX which then gets you all films instead of certain ones, or lionsgate, what can an investor do? oh yeah, gold til Obma is gone.


  2. moviegeek23 replied:

    Are tv shows like True Blood measured at all through the calculation of box office receipts?

    No? They don’t have box office receipts?

    Then you just answered your own question. Cable tv shows don’t play in theaters, do they?


    • ginaswo replied:

      they have advertising revenue and distributionj/cable premium revenue streams on HBO therefore it is possible


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