Uber-Snob Sally Quinn suggests using Hillary to save Obama in ’12 – heaven forefend!

Sally, Sally, Sally. As a Tea Party Patriot, recovering Democrat and Hillraiser let me enlighten you. We will never, ever, ever support Hillary lowering herself to run as VEEP with Obama in ’12.

And to think this comes from Sally Quinn, a woman who spent soo many years bashing Hill and Bill. Talk about the ‘audacity’ of a dope. From the outset of the Clinton Administration, Quinn felt Hillary’s lack of cocktail parties at the WH set her off as a Hillbilly. The Obama Versailles-like weekly events were ever so much more Sally’s style (nevermind how inappropriate they were in this economy).

But look, Obama is tanking in the polls! He is clearly over his head and looking ever more likely to lose in ’12.

So what does Sally suggest? She suddenly has embraced Hillary as the best thing since sliced bread (although she is far too intellectually superior in her own mind to use such a euphemism).

…It would not be out of the question for Clinton and Biden to switch jobs sometime after the midterm elections. After the president announced the switch, majorities in both houses of Congress would have to confirm Clinton to her new position, following the rules laid out in the 25th Amendment. She could then immediately begin campaigning for Obama for 2012, and she would also have at least two years in the White House as vice president to give her unassailable experience, clout and credibility. For his part, Biden would simply need Senate confirmation to get to work in Foggy Bottom.

Another scenario is that Obama could wait and choose Hillary as his running mate for 2012 and then have her step down as secretary of state so she could start campaigning. The catch with that plan, however, is that it would make Biden a lame duck and Obama would probably have to appoint an interim secretary of state….

Uh, NO WAY JOSE. We Hillraisers will NOT ever, ever, ever support Hillary doing such a thing as hitching her wagon to the flailing bumbling narcissist currently running the WH. That ship sailed baby.

Sally Quinn is one of the elitist pundits who assured everyone that the Clintons could not possibly be trusted in the WH again with HRC as VEEP and Big Dawg roaming about. Hillary’s ego and ambition!!! were SURE to distract and maybe even hurt Obama’s presidency. You know, the transcendent moment ‘we’ (ie THEY) have been waiting for (since the 60s).

Sadly for ‘they’ and Obama, he came 40 years too late. The socialist democracies of Western Europe are in their economic death throes. The welfare state as the Quinn type (safe in their Grey Gated Gardens) embrace it is dead everywhere but here and come November of ’10 and ’12 it will hopefully be dead for good.

We, the people, you remember us Sally, we are the ‘bitter clingers’, we are ‘raaaacist!’ Democratic primary voters who wanted Hillary, we are down here beneath your upturned nose, do NOT want Obama’s socialized economic plans.

And we Hillary supporters, most of us moderate Democrats who yearn for the balanced budget and an ‘end to the era of big government’ Big Dawg gave us, well we are sooooo not interested in saving your candidate with our Hillary.

You had your chance Quinn. OWN YOUR CANDIDATE.

As Red State among others have noted there is a LOT of buzz about HRC running in ’12 now as Obama’s ineffective ‘leadership’ continues to take its toll..

However, as Moe Lane demonstrates, Obama has effectively ‘transformed’ one thing, the Democratic nomination process for POTUS:

…The bottom line here is that if you want the President gone in 2012, I suggest that you vote for the Republican candidate (name TBD).  Unless Barack Obama decides that he’s tired of being President in the next six to twelve months – which is possible; he’s never really been challenged in his job before, and it shows – he’s set things up so that his nomination will be smooth, straightforward, and absolutely immune to the same techniques that he used to upset the front-runner in 2008.  I know that this message will be unpopular with some people, but if you like being told precisely what you like to hear, there’s a bunch of left-sphere blogs that will be happy to oblige you….

Hillary, having demonstrated her loyalty yet again (how anyone who watched her support Big Dawg for a lifetime could doubt her loyalty I dunno) by not leaving the party in ’08, and by agreeing to serve the Administration as SoS, ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT challenge Obama for the nomination in ’12.

The only way Sally’s notion would have worked were if Obama had chosen Hill as VEEP from the get-go. Then when he got bored, as he inevitably does, and pixxed about people daring to criticize his ”oneness” he could have appointed himself to SCOTUS, (face it that would be his dream job- lifetime office, part time hours and lots of pretension for those who like that sort of thing), and then Hill could have stepped up to the plate.

But he didn’t and she won’t. I maxed out to Hillary during the primaries because I believe she co-governed effectively with Big Dawg in all but name throughout his years as Governor of Arkansas and in the WH. She had the experience for the job, and she had the guts to make the tough calls.

Hillary and Gates are currently the most popular people in the Administration and her approval ratings are fabulous. Her favorables are higher than ever:

..By far, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton garners the highest approval rating of administration officials tested.

Fifty-nine percent of voters approve and 19 percent disapprove, with the remaining 22 percent unsure. In December, 66 percent approved and 22 percent disapproved….

Hillary has the highest approval of the Administration with Indies:

…Among independents, Clinton (56 percent approve) outperforms all others — including the president (39 percent)….

Obama’s numbers have totally collapsed with Indies:

…More independents disapprove (48 percent) than approve (39 percent) — and that’s been true for about two months….

Hillary is second with Dems:

…–Among Democrats, President Obama receives the highest approval rating (79 percent), followed by Clinton (76 percent) and Biden (71 percent)….

So frankly Sally, you can stick it. Obama is on his own and so are you pseudo intellectual elites. OWN YOUR CANDIDATE.

I plan to vote for Romney in ’12 (honestly, almost anyone the GOP puts up in ’12 will get my vote)  and if HRC decides to run in ’16 there are over 20 million Democrats who will help her launch her campaign then. In the meantime may she continue to protect Israel and then I hope she steps down and enjoys some time off until ’16.

In the meantime I will continue to attend Tea Parties with the rest of the recovering Democrats, the GOP and the Indies. And Sally, we cannot WAIT to kick these spendthrift Democrats out of this Congress – CAN NOT WAIT!!

President Bill Clinton and first lady, Hillary dance on a Saint Thomas beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands,( January 4th, 1998) before ending their 6-day vacation.. CREDIT:Agence France-Presse Photo 01/04/1998

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