Baseball Take Me Away: NYY @ AZ Dbacks 9:40pm EST

Yankees win 9-3! that eighth inning was a doozy!

Baseball is the Calgon of this house :0). Our Dbacks whipped the Yanks last night.The NYPost is whining about the Yanks being ‘snake bitten’ by the 2001 World Series. Yeah 9 yrs and they haven’t gotten over it, puulezze, the big boys with the big bats (and bigger salaries!) are just fine.

Snagged some nosebleed seats for tonight’s game. A-Rod and Posada are playing again tonight. Family, baseball, hotdog, beer~paradise. Soooooo glad MLB stayed out of politics, unlike the NBA. STFU and play ball I always say.

Wearing my 2000 World Series Yankees Champions shirt to annoy hubby and honor Pop, a twofer!, All in good fun~Hubby has his Mets shirt on and MiM Jr. is wearing his Dbacks shirt playing diplomat b/w the old folks, lol Hoping to come home to hear Nikki whooped Barrett in SC too :0)

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