Sam Raimi gives an update on his World of Warcraft flick, yes he plays WoW…

kewlin’  I also YEARN for Evil Dead IV, Yearn I tell you!! but in the interim we have WoW…Scoop from SciFiWire who caught up with Raimi at the Saturn Awards…first thing is Sam is a playah!

Sam Raimi isn’t just looking at World of Warcraft from the outside. He’s spent hours obsessively exploring the game online. “I had a level 29 shaman that somebody deleted by accident that I worked my way up to. Now I’ve worked a new character all the way up to level 72. So that’s exactly how big a fan I am. I’m not into power leveling, other people doing it for me. I’ve spent that many days in the World of Warcraft.”

What has been developed so far:

Robert Rodat’s screenplay for World of Warcraft is taking a long time. So far he’s only gotten a 40-page outline of the story. There’s a long way to go before they have a 120-page screenplay, but at least it’s progress. “We’re still working on the story right now,” Raimi said. “We’ve got a 40-page document that needs a lot more work. It’s still a long ways away. It’s only a 40-page story.”

Sam is going to give us the GIANTS and the TINY :0)

One thing Raimi already knows is he wants the biggest and the smallest of WoW‘s characters in the movie. “I like the use of scale, the giant monsters they have. I love the different sizes and the powers that they have. Some are great warriors with axes like an orc, or others, maybe like a human paladin, can carry those great awesome war hammers. I think it’d be really cool to see them in battle.”

Go read it all at SciFiWire!

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  1. Steve Cockroft replied:

    Have to laugh. Raimi talking about his Level 29 Shammy.
    Well at least he’s played the game I suppose. Though the film is now not due out till 2012


  2. games news online replied:

    ive spent the last two weeks going to work come home and play the game lol. very addictive.


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